4 Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

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Although keeping your lights on isn’t cheap, there is always a need for electricity— to keep your house cool, warm some water, or use various appliances. A recent study says that the average US household spends approximately $2,060 every year on utility. But what if there are possible ways to lower your energy bills? Continue reading to find changes you can make to reduce your energy bills and boost your savings.

  1. Conduct an energy audit 

An energy audit can help identify energy-saving opportunities in your home. It can also help you understand your energy consumption and improve it. Additionally, an energy audit can help identify any home safety concerns, such as your electrical systems, home wiring, and ventilation, to make your home eco-friendlier and energy-efficient. Routine energy audits can minimize your carbon footprint and continuously implement energy-saving improvements. While it is best to get a professional for this task, you can do these checks on your own by searching for air leaks, reviewing your ventilation, checking insulation levels, and evaluating your lighting and other home appliances. 

  1. Switch off lights and appliances 

Switching off the light is the most obvious energy-saving technique, yet it can make a difference in your energy consumption. A lot of energy is consumed when lights are left on during the night. However, energy-saving lightbulbs such as LEDs are significantly more efficient than incandescent bulbs. They are also inexpensive, easy to find, and can help you save more. It would be best to unplug any gadget or charge wires when they are not in use to avoid wasting electricity since appliances in standby mode consume 9 to 16% of energy in the home.  

  1. Add insulation 

You may notice an increase in energy consumption during the colder months as you turn up the heat to stay comfortable. However, this may also be because a significant amount of heat escapes the home rapidly. This may be due to poor insulation. Therefore, it would be best to pad out your home to prevent heat from escaping, reduce the need to frequently turn on the heating, and save you around $120 every year. You can consult energy and eco-conscious professionals such as All Seasons Interiors for advice on the areas of your home that need insulation and have it installed properly.

  1. Replace your old boiler 

Heating accounts for more than 50% of your home energy costs per year, so replacing your old gas boiler with an energy-efficient alternative can be useful. The cost of buying a new gas boiler, together with the installation, may seem expensive in the short run but can save you significantly in the long run. An energy-efficient boiler can save you around $300 per year as they come with programmer, thermostat, and radiator controls. 

If you are pushed for money or time, some of these tips only require a few minutes to begin cutting your energy costs today. However, this list isn’t exhaustive, so you should consider other ways to save money on your energy bills.

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10 thoughts on “4 Effective Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

  1. We did an energy audit and found that our dryer vent was super clogged! We decided to bring in a dryer vent cleaning service to get it unblocked and we are shocked at how much that has saved us. Can’t wait to go through your other tips too and figure out some additional ways we can save.

  2. I feel like insulation is definitely a thing you have to do. I know this year I hope to get the windows sealed a bit for more insulation so we don’t have to worry about heat/air escaping.

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