Unveiling Love’s Path

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Your words resonate deep within my soul,
A bittersweet melody that leaves me whole.
“I Love You enough to still Love You,” you say,
Yet, the thought of letting go fills me with dismay.

You speak of fulfilling His plan, His divine will,
Guided by His wisdom, our love shall fulfill.
In this journey we tread, under His sovereign reign,
We embrace the love that heals every pain.

Your latest attention has sparked a flame,
A warmth that makes my heart gently claim.
But fear lingers, as I’ve been wounded before,
Betrayal’s sting, scars I still explore.

My heart, fragile and tender, dares to trust anew,
To embrace the love that blossoms, pure and true.
Time shall heal the wounds that lay deep within,
As we navigate this love, where new beginnings begin.

I’m grateful to God for the feelings I now possess,
For the blessings of love, a divine caress.
You, my love, are the vessel through which it flows,
A conduit of grace, where love steadily grows.

So let us tread gently, hand in hand,
Navigating the uncertainties, where love’s roots expand.
For in your presence, I find solace and peace,
A love that transcends, where pain finds release.

Together, we shall conquer the fears that reside,
With God as our guide, we’ll bravely stride.
In His perfect plan, we find our love’s embrace,
As we journey together, in His love and grace.

Forever yours, with an open heart,
United by love, we shall never depart.

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