Infinite Love Within

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In the depths of my being, a fire burns bright,
Igniting my spirit, with a radiant light.
For I have discovered a love so profound,
A love that knows no bounds, forever unbound.

Through setbacks and challenges, I stand tall,
Embracing my worth, I refuse to fall.
With unwavering determination, I strive,
To unleash my potential, to truly thrive.

I love me, oh yes, with a passion so pure,
For within me, an infinite love does endure.
No setback can define me or hold me back,
I rise above it all, on a determined track.

In the face of adversity, I find strength,
I am resilient, I go to any length.
Every setback, a lesson to be learned,
Fueling my growth, as success is earned.

I am a warrior, fierce and brave,
Conquering obstacles that life may pave.
With unwavering self-belief, I soar,
Unleashing my potential, forevermore.

No matter the setbacks, I’m never defeated,
For I am the author of my story, self-conceited.
With love as my compass, I chart my way,
Guided by my dreams, day after day.

I celebrate the journey, every step I take,
For each setback is an opportunity to awake.
I love me, fiercely, with every beat of my heart,
No setback can tear our bond apart.

So I rise, I shine, I embrace my true self,
With determination, I chase every dream I delve.
I am worthy, deserving of all success and more,
With infinite love within, I am ready to soar.

“Infinite Love Within,” the anthem I proclaim,
Embracing my worth, forever the same.
With self-love as my armor, I forge ahead,
Success is mine, as I love me, fearlessly spread.

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