Shades of Freedom

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Amidst the sea of red, white, and blue,
I stand as a descendant, with a different view.
As fireworks light up the darkened sky,
I contemplate the complexities, wondering why.

Independence Day, a celebration grand,
Yet echoes of inequality still grip the land.
For as a black woman, I see and feel,
The weight of history, the scars that are real.

I watch the festivities, the joy and cheer,
But beneath the surface, there’s pain and fear.
Systemic racism persists, an unwelcome guest,
Casting shadows on progress, hindering our quest.

I demand recognition, acknowledgement, and more,
For the struggles endured by those who came before.
Reparations are needed, a step towards repair,
To address the injustices, to show that we care.

For I am more than just a face in the crowd,
A voice that’s silenced, but I speak aloud.
I fight for equity, for justice to prevail,
To dismantle the barriers, to tear down the veil.

So as fireworks burst with vibrant light,
I hope for a future that’s just and right.
Where black lives are valued, their stories heard,
And equality reigns, through every word.

On this Independence Day, let’s reflect and see,
The work that lies ahead, the change we can decree.
Together we can build a nation anew,
Where all are seen, celebrated, and valued too.

So, as I watch the celebrations unfold,
I carry the spirit of resilience, bold and bold.
Demanding justice, equity, and peace,
Until true liberation, prejudice shall cease.

For I am a black woman, strong and proud,
A descendant of a rich heritage, unbowed.
And as I fight for a better tomorrow, I say,
Celebrate independence, but let’s pave the way.

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