Whispers of Love’s Wisdom

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Teach me the language of your heart,
That I may understand every part,
Let our souls entwine, dance and sway,
In a symphony of love, night and day.

Guide me through the depths of passion’s fire,
Ignite my spirit, elevate desire,
Teach me the secrets that only you know,
Unleash the love that’s ready to grow.

Show me the path where pleasure resides,
In tender whispers, let love confide,
Explore the realms of sensual delight,
Together, embracing the intimate night.

Teach me to trust, to surrender my all,
In your loving arms, I’ll never fall,
Lead me to depths where ecstasy thrives,
Where two souls connect, as passion survives.

Teach me the art of love’s sweet caress,
In every touch, let tenderness impress,
Guide me through the curves of our desire,
Unveiling passions that burn like a fire.

In your embrace, I find solace and peace,
As you teach me love’s secrets, release,
Whisper the words that ignite my soul,
In your arms, I’m complete, I’m whole.

With each passing moment, our love intensifies,
As you teach me the language of love’s highs,
Together we explore the depths unknown,
Creating a love that’s uniquely our own.

So, my love, be my patient guide,
In this journey of love, side by side,
Teach me, inspire me, let love unfold,
In our union, a story of love untold.

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