The Weekend

CHELLEIf you are familiar with my blog, you know that my parents helped to shape the journaling addict I am today. My father ‘s love and mother’s nurturing ways cultivated my passion for writing.  I’m not surprised that my daughters love to write and tell stories too.  They all have diaries and journals. I was happily surprised today when one of my daughters came to me and wanted to know if she could share her story on my blog. OMG! Tears. I couldn’t deal. So today I would like to introduce you to my creatively unique 11-year daughter, Zaya. The following is part 1 of  “The Weekend.”


Whew! The weekend was a terrifying, but fun two days! Would you like the good news or bad news first, huh? Good news? (*nervous laugh*) Annywayyyys, bad news coming right up! I wouldn’t call it bad, but it was pretty scary. So, this is what happened. On Saturday me and my family rented out a beach house for the third week of December. After that was done, me and my sister head upstairs to our rooms to go on our social media like every tween does, while my mom and dad call in to schedule a tour of the beach house.

After I share the big news on Instagram, I go downstairs to make some food for me and my little sister when I notice mom and dad were gone. I pause from getting the bread out of the fridge then go to the house phone (because it was the nearest) and call my mom. The phone goes to voicemail a few times when she finally picked up and said something after a few seconds of silence.

The Weekend 4

Mom told me she was on the way to the natural foods market (I love that place) to grab something to go with dinner. I hung up then continued to make our eggs and jelly sandwiches. While I was walking upstairs with the sandwiches, I hear this muffled BOOM! coming from my room. I thought it was my clumsy sister messing with my stuff. But as I enter the room, there’s no one there. Just my jar of money that I’m saving up to buy equipment for a YouTube channel that I want to start; which was knocked over.

I sat the sandwich down on the nightstand then called my sister in my room to ask her if she was messing with my stuff before she went in my mom’s room to watch the Amazing World of Gumball. When she came I asked. She shook her head no rapidly then snatched the sandwich and ran off into my mom’s room. I cautiously pick up the piggy bank along with the few scents that fell out. I carefully put it under my desk and walk to my nightstand to grab my sandwich.

I leave the door slightly cracked to let the cold air out. As I walk downstairs with the sandwich in my hand I hear the door slightly creek closed. I turn around slightly to see if my big brother or little sister was at my door, but after seeing nothing I turn my head back around thinking it’s the air, then sit my sandwich down. I head to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water from the fridge and as I reach for the water, I feel a cold draft of air run through my tank top and shorts.

I figure it’s the air conditioning acting up so I just plunge into the couch and continue to watch Stranger Things. During the part where they’re on the walkie-talkies, I hear my sis scream my name. I roll my eyes in the sign of ‘annoyed’ then pause the show. As I get up, my sis runs down the stairs, out of breath and watery-eyed. I ask, “What’s wrong?” She says, “The TV glitched off and the lights went out!”



I am so proud of her. How did you like the story? Would you allow your child to express their creativity to the world?  Whatever are your thoughts, please comment below.

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Until Next Time, Shine Amongst the Stars!

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The Weekend 3

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    1. Awww and she knows it, hahaha ❤ Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger


    1. ❤ Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger


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