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The cab driver repeated, “143 22nd Boulevard?” I said, “Yes.” although my eyes were glued to what I left behind. I was looking out the back window of the cab as William and his companion seemed smaller and smaller. “Ms. Fasten your seat belt!” the cab driver repeated several times, but I couldn’t look away. I saw the young woman rub William’s head as they turned and walked away.

From the sudden jerk of the cab followed by its tires screeching, I turned to see headlights from an oncoming vehicle headed towards us.

All of a sudden I was sitting at my grandma’s bedside. I was very happy to see her. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her. She smiled and said, “Everything is up to you now Lock.” I was suddenly snapped back into the present as the fireman said, “Ma’am, try not to move. We’re doing everything we can to get you out of here.”

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I realized at that moment I was upside down in the turned-over cab, pinned between a lamppost and another vehicle.

Behind the fireman, I could see something very familiar. The most stunning pair of Stilletos that I ever saw on the companion of William. They had what appeared to be diamonds that lined the heel and the strapped that looped her ankles. I remember seeing the moments ago as I was trying to let myself off at the lobby floor of William’s apartment building.

Next to those stylish stilettos were 2 pairs of male dress shoes. Since my neighbor is a cop I knew those two sets of shoes belonged to “Raleigh’s Fitness.” Next to the police, I could make out William’s shoes. They were very unique shoes for a special occasion.


I remember when we went shopping for them. We were enjoying a rare summer-like February in North Carolina. We decided to enjoy the weather after lunch and take a walk along the greenways. While walking hand and hand Williams received a call from Alex and he said, “Marilyn had changed her mind and the wedding colors were changing also.”  We had a few hours to incorporate silver/smoky grey into our bridesmaid and groomsmen’s attire.

Moments later Marilyn texted pictures of exactly what we needed to buy and where we could get the formal wear and shoes last minute.

At the boutique, I was trying on the form-fitting strapless ankle-length smokey grey dress with silver trim that the attendant handed to me as I entered the store. Before I could do a full spin in the dress in front of the wall of mirrors William walked into my dressing room excited about how the grey shoes looked great with the jeans and white polo shirt he was wearing. I said, “Baby, you make everything look good.” Then I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. After the kiss, he looked at me and said,  “Speaking of looking good.” Then he held me closer and started to kiss my neck. Once the attendant heard the giggles, she knocked on the door and said, “Sorry, only one person at a time.”

We started to laugh as William left the dressing room.” The attendant smiled and said, “You guys are not the first. Weddings make people more sentimental.” I expressed my apologies and closed the door. I could hear William saying that he needed his suit tailored and he wanted to know how much it would cost if he could have it done by tomorrow morning. When I slid on the heels and looked at my reflection in the mirror, I knew this would be a great wedding and I was happy about how cute I looked in the dress. I think spun around that dressing room nearly 20 times looking at my reflection from every angle.


After we left the boutique, we headed to the wedding venue. We continued or hand-in-hand walk while the crew was setting up for the wedding. He walked me to the beautiful altar, it was a silver trellis covered in vines with perfectly placed lavender and white lilies. I stood in awe and adored her color palette of white, purple, and grey. I started to imagine my own wedding.

William kneeled down and pulled out a ring and said, “Lock, I knew from the moment Marilyn described you that you were made for me. During these few months I have receive confirmation that we are meant to be. Lock, I understand the love you have for your family and the honor you hold with the Lock name.

Baby, as I ask you to marry me today, I repeat the words of your father, “Lock is my life and for me to trust her to you or any other man is not easy, but if she will have you, you have my blessings.” Mr. Lock reached over and hugged your tearful mom and said, “Marriage is a life commitment.” I couldn’t agree more Lock.

William stood up and said, “I am committed to a life with you as my wife, and I promise to cherish you and give you the Godly love you deserve. Josephine Lock will you bless me with the honor of being my wife?”

Tears fell from my eyes, and I don’t know what it was, but the third time was the charm. I looked up at him and said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as he slipped the ring on my finger. I realized that I was sold the first time he asked me and the second time as well.  It wasn’t William that made me utter I need time. It was just fear of my heart moving faster than my brain. Now I lay trapped inside a flipped vehicle. “What have I done?” I thought. I just wanted to go back to 5 days ago. 5 days ago before the pain and heartbreaking news, on a day that seemed like a dream come true, yet ended with me in tears.

Five days ago when my world made a terrible turn for the worst. I couldn’t believe that I woke up five days ago happier than I had ever been, and now I am here. I wished I could just turn back time and start this week over. Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t feel anything. My heart began to beat rapidly and I felt the overwhelming powerful need to go to sleep. I was exhausted. I felt extremely tired. I surrendered to the urge and finally closed my eyes.

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