Remembering Michael Jackson

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson. In fact, one of my favorite movies, The Wiz staring Michael Jackson, was released exactly seven months and four days after I was born. It was the story about a Harlem school teacher named Dorothy who was miraculously whisked away to an urban fantasy land called Oz while trying to save her dog from a storm. Michael Jackson played the scarecrow who joined Dorothy on her search to find the Wiz (Wizard) who could help her get back home.

If we all were to travel back in time and take a look at my bedroom during the 80’s and 90’s, you would see the room of a super fan. My walls were white with one wall of large 5X5 grey and white checkered boxes. Each grey box had my favorite Michael Jackson song, quote or movie in it. The white boxes had Micheal Jackson posters in them. You would also find Michael Jackson’s book, records, cassettes, cd’s, and the movie, The Wiz strategically displayed. I also had a black poster board which I used to draw that famous shiny glove. It hung on the front of my door with the words “Beat It” in red paint.


I also remember at the age of five practicing the moonwalk with my older siblings. For as long as I could remember I wanted to dance like Michael Jackson and so did my siblings. By the time I turned 6 I had finally mastered it. My parents were so impressed with my moonwalk that during one of their dinner parties, they played the song Billie Jean and called me out to dance. I was so excited. I asked them to give me time to change my clothes. I returned with my white tee-shirt, my younger bother’s black pants which were short enough to reveal my sparkling “Sunday” socks and black dress shoes, and I used My other younger brother’s black suit jacket. With my white mitten and my mom’s black Fedora, I was in full costume. After I performed during the entire song, I did the moonwalk several times because my parents and friends would clap and scream and I loved it.

When I would walk the halls of my elementary school I’d see a lot of students wearing the Michael Jackson red “thriller jacket.” I remember coming home from school asking my mom if I could have one. At the age of six I wasn’t satisfied with her answer of, “If the Father sees it fit for you to have another jacket, He will provide your father with the funds to get you one.” So the next day at school I asked my classmate for his Jacket and when I came home with the jacket, my mom immediately called his mom and informed her that I would be bringing the jacket back to school the next day. I was so heart-broken that I cried but my mom consoled me. Then we prayed for the jacket. I would come home everyday wanting to know If my prayers were answered while I was at school. After 6 months of praying and being on my best behavior, I finally got A MICHAEL JACKSON JACKET! Sorry, that took me back. Although I had out grown the jacket many years before, it became a piece of art during my middle and high school years that eventually accompanied me to college.


During college I had collected all Michael Jackson’s albums. I created a great playlist that I would listen to on my walk man while I jogged. However, on the weekends when the dorms were mostly empty you would find me dancing in my room with the music blasting. My friends would come over and do a Michael Jackson jam session with me and we’d be dancing in the halls. After we worked up an appetite we’d go to dinner and share our Michael Jackson stories. This is when I started to create a list of my favorite Micheal Jackson quotes. After college and well beyond his death on June 25, 2009 exactly nine years ago from the date of the publishing of this article, I created and added to my Michael Jackson – Top 25 Playlist.

1. Thriller
2. Beat It
3. Billie Jean
4. Dirty Diana
5. You Are Not Alone
6. The Way You Make Me Feel
7. Rock With You
8. They Don’t Care About Us
9. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)
10. Black Or White
11. Remember The Time
12. Heal The World
13. Heaven Can Wait
14. Heaven Can Wait (again, lol)
15, You Rock My World
16, Jam
17. Man in the Mirror
18. The Girl Is Mine
19. Scream
20. Say Say Say
21. She’s Out of My Life
22. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
23. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough
24. Chicago
25. Ben

My children also grew up like I did, loving the music and moves of Michael Jackson. The girls are amazed by the movie-like production of his videos. Therefore, hearing about the news of his death on that summer afternoon, a Thursday, we were in disbelief. I remember, telling the girls we had to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life. If you had the opportunity to pass by my home on that day, you would find me and three little girls ages 7, 4, & 3 dancing to Micheal Jackson videos. We would pause the video and try our hardest to master a cool move he had performed. I remember after bathtime and at bedtime, my middle daughter, Zoey only 4 years-old at the time, asked me if Michael Jackson new she loved him. I explained that he of course knew. My heart broke during night prayer when My oldest daughter included Michael Jackson. She asked God to tell Michael Jackson we love him.

It’s been nine years since The King of Pop passed away and we celebrate with his music. Do you know who Michael Jackson is? What is your favorite song of his? Do you remember what you were doing when you heard he had passed away? If you are not a fan, who is one of your favorite artists?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. I can’t believe how long it’s been since his death, it feels like only yesterday! I was a massive fan too, and absolutely gutted that I never got the chance to see him live 🙁 x

    1. ❤ Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger

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