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Marketing and advertising isn’t what it used to be. The environment has shifted from TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines as the predominant go-to for local advertisement, to being the supplement. If you’re on the fence over your marketing decisions, your questions might be, “What is the most effective marketing channel?” “Who should I inquire with to find out the best strategy for my business?” “What form of online marketing should I implement?” “Should I pair print marketing with some sort of digital marketing?”


These are the kinds of questions that the new business owner and solopreneur are  asking. The answer is, as Mr. Promo says, “Everything works and nothing works.” I understand that as meaning you can’t rely on any marketing for a guaranteed result. You can only hope for the best result. At the same time, the different digital marketing tools were engineered to produce a certain “reaction” so I say, “Everything has an expected reaction and nothing works by itself.”Many of you opt to do your own marketing which, of course, will bear you some fruit or response from your audience. To get some attention is good but is it really enough to just play the game? This is why, nowadays, trying to “do” your own marketing may not be the best case scenario.  When you’re in it to win it, grabbing the attention of your market share and your competitor’s customers is the name of the game. You have to take advantage of all 5 of the major areas of your Virtual Doorway.



“How do I do that and what are they?” you’re probably wondering. Well, it’s simple and yet complex. Those areas are Listings, Reviews, Website, Social Media, and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Having these vital components effectively set-up, consistently maintained, and synergeticly working together is to be positioned to compete. Now, if you want to really grow your business and not just be in business, then take a look at our the products and services we offer Digital Services website and browse around  Also, utilize our free 30-minute discovery consultation which includes a conversion audit for the effectiveness of your current online marketing. You will gain massive insight and be able to improve your results to a noticeable degree. However, don’t be fooled by an average boost in traffic. Remember, it’s about dominating your market, not sneaking off with a few more extra goodies than you got last week, Let’s get ready to create your business a marketing strategy that will work for it and bring you the kind of ROI you should be getting. If you have any questions please leave them down below in the comments section,. Thanks for reading and enjoy your success!

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