11 Elements of an Awesome About Me Page

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There are a TON of free courses on how to start a blog and I have taken a few and they are very similar. They give a little bit of information and direct you to ‘buy the REAL course.’  Well, I say this to say that a student in my live class came to me and showed me an email she had just received from a class she had recently taken. The email states that the About Me page is not important, but that my student should be focussing on taking great photos (which is a class ‘the free course instructor’) just created for $197.

I know the importance of a perfectly placed photo, but I rarely take my own shots because there are so many great places to find awesome high-quality pictures that are free to use. Long story short, I disagree with this course creator. Your “About Me” page is the heart and soul of your blog.

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When I go to a networking event with my husband the first thing his clients usually say when he introduces me, “Oh, you are the woman behind the man.” He quickly corrects them jokingly by saying, “You mean, the woman beside the man?” I get what they (my husband’s colleagues) were talking about. They would like to meet his better half, lol. The person that helps make him who he is. They want to know who is behind the curtain (think Wizard of Oz).

I know before I started blogging I read blogs daily to assist my client with content creation. Whenever I read a great post I wanted to know more about the host of the blog, therefore, I would quickly go to the About Me page. So, I polled my students and asked, when they watch a great movie with a powerful actor/actress what is the first thing they do. The results are below:

  • Google the actor/actress to learn more – 48%
  • See what other movies the actor/actress is in – 27%
  • Tell a friend about the performance movie – 25%

Which is not a shock to me, but I was actually teaching on the About Me page. At that point, I asked all my students to spend the next 20 minutes researching whether or not the About Me page is important. Once they all agreed that it’s important I went through my lesson, but I have inspired to share a portion of the class with my lovely readers.

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Today, let’s discuss 11 Elements of an Awesome About Me Page.

The About Me page is the essence of your site which is why they are almost always one of the most visited pages on any website. They’re incredibly important because your audience who naturally wants to know more about you wants to relate to you. They want to get to know the face behind the blog!

Please keep in mind there is no magic formula, but there are essential elements that all amazing About Me pages have in common.  

#1 – Grab your reader’s attention immediately
An intriguing statement, video, or picture that perfectly captures you!
#2 – Social Proof
A few good testimonials will assist in boosting your credibility.
#3 – Who you are
Written in the first person. Write how you talk. Be human and not sales-y. Come from a place of service and good intent.
#4What you do
Tell your reader what it is about you that sets you apart from your others
#5 – Why you do it
The story of your journey have an impact on your readers and creates a very real connection with them.
#6 – What’s in it for THEM
That goal is to tell them what you can do for them or have done for others. What kind of problems you solve and how they fit with the solutions you offer.
#7What emotions are you generating
Are they inspired, entertained, informed, intrigued, immersed, supported,  empowered, etc.
#8 – Call to action
Email signup forms can be effective and intrusive. Use them at the right times, not overdoing it, and don’t abuse them.
# 9 – Who your audience is.
Tell them who your people are, who your tribe is. “This blog is for women who want it all and are absolutely done with settling for less.”
#10 Social Media links
Link to all the other places they can find you around the world-wide-web.
#11 Links to your popular posts
Introduce a selection of your greatest posts. ALWAYS remember that you’re writing YOUR About Me section for your readers.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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28 thoughts on “11 Elements of an Awesome About Me Page

  1. Cool tips Michelle. After reading this i felt like I need to redo my intro or me page. Me page is like a preface of a book after reading a reader get good glimpse how the book is going to be.

    1. I like you about me page, but yeah selling ourselves is important ❤ Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts!

  2. My about me page is the worst! And I am stumped on how to update it. These are great ideas…and I think I am going to give mine a revamp. Thanks!

  3. Never thought about these facts 🙂 But I know that my blog’s visitors come for the summaries made in advance for the Turkish TV dramas/series broadcasted on our TV channels more than for other topics. On the second place there are the articles on fashion which are the most visited ones.

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