The Cure For Your Meal Planning Blues

The cure for your meal planning blues

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What if there was just one thing standing between you and a healthier life?

I know it seems hard to believe but hear me out…

Healthy meals don’t just happen.

(Wouldn’t that be nice!)

You have to decide what you’re eating, make your list, buy the ingredients, and then prepare everything.

And the domino that starts it all is knowing what you’re going to eat.

In other words, the path to health begins with a plan.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018

Today, you can get your hands on ready-made meal plans for just the way you eat—complete with shopping lists and fresh recipes—for a ridiculously low price.

It’s called the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle – back for just two days! – and here’s how it works:

It’s a complete meal planning solution made up of 10 mini-bundles.

Each bundle contains digital cookbooks, fresh meal ideas, and ready-made plans (and even grocery lists!). No matter how you eat, there’s a mini-bundle that’s perfect for you and there are two buying options:

Option 1: Pick up just one mini-bundle that works best for your life right now – quick & healthy, budget-friendly, Instant Pot & slow cooker OR diet-specific options like vegan, real food, paleo, keto, gluten-free… there’s one that’s right for you.

Option 2: For less than the price of two mini-bundles, get the ENTIRE package with over 3,000 recipes and 100 weeks of made-for-you meal plans, so you’ve got total control no matter how your food needs change.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018You really can get healthier, starting today.

Make those dominos fall by picking up your copy of the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle (or any of the mini-bundles) right here:

Since this is the second time the Healthy Meal Planning Bundle is being offered this year, it’s only on sale for 48 hours, just until tomorrow at midnight (before it disappears forever).

Get it here before you forget! 

Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018

Product List

Quick Facts

    • Flash Sale Dates: Monday, September 24, 2018, at 12am ET to Tuesday, September 24, 2018, at 11:59pm ET
    • Price: $27 for each mini bundle, just $20 more for the whole collection!
    • Total value of the bundle: 101 products, $1,155.22 value

Budget Meals     

  • 20: 20 Healthy Lunches, 20 Minutes Prep, 20 Ingredients in Total by Lorena Grater ($9.00)
  • 4 Week Costco Meal Plan by Andrea Green ($4.99)
  • A Month of Meals from My Humble Kitchen to Yours by Diana Bauman ($5.99)
  • Conquering Your Kitchen: How to Plan Meals, Shop, and Cook Real Food with Confidence and Purpose by Annemarie Rossi ($4.99)
  • Healthy Eating on a Budget by Rachael Condon ($12.97)
  • Meal Plan on a Budget: Feed Your Family for Less than $5 Per Person a Day! by Danielle Reeves ($1.99)
  • Real Food for the Real Homemaker by Elsie Callender ($9.99)
  • Simple Soups: 12 Easy Soups to Stretch Your Budget by Jessica Cramer ($9.99)
  • The Everything Beans Book: 30 Frugal, Nutrient-Packed Recipes for Every Eater by Katie Kimball ($8.95)
  • The Frugal Recipe Cookbook by Lisa Goodwin ($3.99)

Freezer & Batch Cooking     

  • 4 Weeks of Easy Meal Planning by Brittany Wise ($12.00)
  • Batch From Scratch by Lisa Barthuly ($9.95)
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Family Favourites by Sharla Kostelyk ($15.00)
  • Cook a Week of Meals in 4 Hours by Darren Stehle ($11.60)
  • Freezer Cooking with Milk & Honey Nutrition by Mary Ellen Phipps ($15.00)
  • Freezer Meal Clubs Recipe Book by Amylee Udell ($14.99)
  • Money Saving Mom’s Freezer Favorites: Breads & Desserts by Crystal Paine ($9.99)
  • Prep Ahead Freezer Meals by Alea Milham ($9.99)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Friendly Meals – Chicken by Angela Davis ($3.99)
  • Throw and Go Meals: Easy Prep for the Busy Chef by Abby Keyes ($25.00)
  • Work Lunch Made Easy: 30 Days of Nourishing Lunches That Will Change the Way You Eat at Work by Ally Milligan ($15.00)

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018

Gluten Free     

  • 30 Minutes Or Less Gluten-Free Dinners E-Cookbook by Taylor Kiser ($4.99)
  • 34 Single Serve Healthy Desserts by Lee Hersh & Linley Richter ($7.99)
  • Allergy-Friendly Breakfast Recipes by Kelly Roenicke ($9.99)
  • Coconut Flour Muffins, Pancakes + Mug Cakes by Regina Braun ($12.00)
  • Gluten Free and Family Friendly: Gluten-free, Family-approved Recipes to Please your Palate – and your Budget! by Carrie Willard ($3.49)
  • Gluten-Free 1-2-3 Meal Plan by Tammie Duggar ($5.00)
  • Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipes by Elise New ($2.99)
  • Gluten-Free Meal Planning Made Simple by Raia Todd ($5.99)
  • Goodness Me it’s Gluten Free Pasta by Vanessa Hudson ($7.99)
  • Oat Flour Muffins: Gluten Free Baking The Simple Way by Katy DeDeyne ($2.99)

Instant Pot & Slow Cooker     

  • 21 Healthy Instant Pot Dinners by Nancylynn Sicilia ($7.99)
  • Easy Instant Pot Recipes by Justine Howell ($9.99)
  • Eat the Clock! Easy Instant Pot Recipes on the Table in Under 45 Minutes by Kara Carrero ($8.99)
  • Freezer Meal Boot Camp Packs #1 and #2 by Leslie Lambert ($12.99)
  • From Freezer to Crock to Table: How to Make 20 Slow Cooker Freezer Meals in Less than 3 Hours by Karen Petersen ($3.99)
  • Hangry Beyond Belief: A 30 Day Pressure Cooker Meal Plan for the Busy Cook by Jessica Van Slyke ($3.99)
  • Instant Pot Favorites: Healthier Instant Pot Recipes that your Family will Love!  by Becca Ludlum ($7.99)
  • Mama and Baby Love Slow Cooker Freezer Meals ($14.99)
  • Master the Electric Pressure Cooker by Marci Buttars and Cami Graham ($14.99)
  • Meal Plan: 20 Slow Cooker Freezer Dump Meals for under $150 by Lauren Greutman  ($5.97)
  • Traditional Cooking School’s Pressure Cooker Favorites by Wardee Harmon ($9.99)


  • 30 of the Best Low Carb Recipes by Denise Wright ($9.99)
  • Almost Zero Carb Meal Plan by Ann Moore ($30.00)
  • Keto CrockPot Slow Cooker Cookbook by Stephanie O’Dea ($9.49)
  • Keto Family Cooking by Hillary Moore ()
  • Low Carb Family Favorite Recipes by Georgina Bomer ($5.99)
  • Low Carb Meal Plan Starter Kit by Maya Krampf ($9.99)
  • Low-Carb Starter Pack: The Complete Beginners’ Guide by Libby Jenkinson ($12.00)
  • The Art of Healthy Eating: Slow Cooker by Maria Emmerich ($12.99)
  • The Keto Family Table by Kelli Becton ($9.99)

Meal Planning     

  • Capsule Pantry Blueprint by Elisa Giorgio ($37.00)
  • Clean Mama’s Recipe Binder Kit by Becky Rapinchuk ($10.00)
  • Easy Homemade: Homemade Pantry Staples for the Busy Modern Family by Mandi Ehman ($5.99)
  • Printable Meal Planner by Carrie Lindsey ($5.99)
  • The Art of Meal Prep 2 by Erin Palmer ($8.99)
  • The Ultimate Busy Mom Meal Planning Planner by Jenn Slavich ($7.50)
  • The ULTIMATE Meal Planning E-Bundle for Law Enforcement Families by Rebecca Volpe ($30.00)

Paleo / Primal     

  • 30 Day Whole30 Meal Plan by Jessica Beacom & Stacie Hassing ($29.00)
  • Curry Night: 20 Asian Inspired Paleo Recipes for Families by Jo Romero ($7.90)
  • Easy Instant Pot Paleo Recipes by Dr. Karen Lee ($9.99)
  • Paleo Desserts & Treats by Jill ($5.95)
  • Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan ($24.95)
  • 4 Week Paleo Meal Plan by Michele Spring ($9.99)
  • Cook Eat Paleo Fast & Easy by Lisa Wells ($15.00)
  • Paleo for One: 45 Gluten-free Small Portion and Weekly Remix Recipes by Vanessa Davis ($15.00)
  • Paleo Mug Muffins by Heather Resler ($6.50)
  • Two-Week Paleo Meal Plan by Irena Macri ($11.99)

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2018Quick & Healthy     

  • 101 Simple Healthy Recipes by Natalia Valderrma ($10.00)
  • 15 Minute Suppers eBook by Wendy O’Neal ($4.99)
  • 15-Minute Soups: Over 55 Recipes to Get You Warm, Quickly! by Christine Pittman ($3.99)
  • 30 Days of Healthy Eating by Camille Beckstrand ($9.97)
  • 30-Day 20-Minute Real Food Meal Plan by Ruthy Kirwan ($11.00)
  • 365: One Year of Healthy Meal Plans for Busy Families by Jennifer Mason ($17.99)
  • Date Night Dinners: A Mom’s Guide to Babysitter Friendly Recipes by Ann Dunaway Teh and Lesley Baradel ($7.99)
  • Fast, Fresh & Fit: 30 Healthy and Family-Friendly Recipes for Busy Lives by Blair Lonergan ($8.99)
  • Got Dinner? Quick & Easy Recipes from The Confident Mom by Susan Heid ($2.99)
  • Nourished in 30 Recipe Book by Krissy Ropiha ($30.00)
  • Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes by Hannie Scott ($4.99)
  • Simple Recipes for Simple Meals by Laura Coppinger ($6.95)

Real Food     

  • Clean Eating: A 28-Day Meal Plan to Reset Your Body, Fight Inflammation, Eliminate Toxins, & Lose Weight Naturally by Kayla Chandler ($24.95)
  • Conquer Dinner: Your Step-By-Step Guide For Getting Healthy, Homemade Dinners on the Table, Fast! by Maryea Flaherty ($19.97)
  • Everyday Sourdough: Recipes for the Everyday Baker by Kelsey Steffen ($9.99)
  • It’s That Easy by Jessica Hylton-Leckie ($25.00)
  • Love Your Veggies by Kelsey Preciado ($19.99)
  • Seasonal Meal Plans by Keri Houchin ($9.99)
  • Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Recipes by Jennifer Meister ($19.99)
  • Superfood Green Smoothies: 30 Delicious + Easy Recipes to Reduce Inflammation, Balance Hormones, Improve Digestion + Help You Feel Great by Kate Kordsmeier ($14.95)
  • The Breakfast Revolution by Beth Ricci ($8.95)
  • The Taste of Eating Clean by Paula Miller ($4.95)
  • The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion: Healthy New Year’s Kickoff 3-Month Meal Plan Bundle by Kresha Faber ($25.00)
  • Wellness Mama’s Snack Favorites by Katie Wells ($9.99)


  • Easy Recipes For Busy Parents: So Simple Your Kids Can Make The Meals by Adam and Shoshana Chaim ($7.99)
  • Eat Dessert First by Nicole Dawson ($5.99)
  • From Flesh to Fresh: Your Journey to Vegan Living by Sadie Lankford ($11.00)
  • Guilt-Free Desserts by Martyna Angell ($15.00)
  • Soups, Stews & Chili – Brand New Vegan  by Chuck Underwood ($9.99)
  • The Raw Food Girl’s Chocolate Recipe Book by Tamara Brown ($6.99)
  • The Ultimate Vegan Starter Guide by Katie Koteen & Kate Kasbee ($16.00)
  • The Vegan Slow Cooker eBook by Adele McConnell ($18.99)
  • Vegan Gluten Free Recipes: Delicious Breakfast and Main Dish Recipes the Whole Family Will Love by Willow Moon ($2.99)

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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The Cure For Your Meal Planning Blues

The Cure For Your Meal Planning Blues


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