Overview of Real Hair Wigs

Overview of Real Hair Wigs

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The reason why a human hair wig is loved is that it looks natural. It is very soft and shiny, these are not available in synthetic hair.

Real human hair wigs are also very versatile. Easy to cut, easy to wash according to personal taste. Although it is more expensive to compare, it is also more durable, and it is worth cherishing long-term use.
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In general, the human hair used in wigs mainly comes from these four groups: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and European. And Asia has the most hair.

The Chinese hair is very straight because it is thick and casual. Not easy to curl, so it is more difficult to be diverse in Women’s curly hair.

Indonesia’s hair is relatively rich. According to the principle of supply and demand economy, the premise of wanting more demand supply is that the price is relatively cheap. Therefore, the price of Indonesian hair is relatively cheap.

Indian hair is thin and very similar to European hair, although the texture is good. European hair is famous for its fineness, so it is also loved, and because the supply is small and the demand is high, the price is relatively expensive.

If you are a woman, you value quality and want good quality then it is best to choose a real hair wig: UNice hair for women. There are two reasons for this: One is its raw material (“human hair”), and the second is because of its processing technology.

In the production process, chemicals are used, the hair is sterilized, and the initial color is stripped off so that the color and curl of the hair change. These chemicals are used differently and the integrity of the hair will vary.
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When the quality of the chemicals used is higher and the production process is more subtle, the quality of the wigs will be higher, and at the same time, the cost will increase. Remy hair is a good hair. There are some, for example, UNice hair.

In the process of making or manufacturing a wig, attention should be paid to the directionality of the hair follicle, which generally requires the same direction of operation.

The stratum corneum of human hair is usually running in the same direction with little tangles. If you buy a cheap wig, pay attention to its quality. You can also match it with a sexy fashion dress for your beauty.

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Overview of Real Hair Wigs

Overview of Real Hair Wigs


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