Fun Fall Outdoor Activities for You and Your Child

Fun Fall Outdoor Activites for You and Your Child

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Every season highlights exciting activities that you can share with your child. The winter is for building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate, spring is for outdoor picnics and trips to the park, summer is for swimming and BBQs, and the Fall is for harvests, corn mazes, and carving pumpkins. Of course, autumnal activities consist of more than just Halloween themed events. There are plenty of activities you can do with your kid to make this season memorable for you both.

A Night Out in Your Own Backyard

While you’re busy planning play dates at parks, looking for fun playhouses, or signing up for classes you can take, you might forget that your backyard can make a great destination. It might take a little bit of work to make your backyard family friendly, but simple additions like making sure there are open grassy areas can make a perfect play place.

To take your backyard to the next level, you can transform your yard into an outdoor movie theatre. This way, you can go out to the movies without having to leave your house, and your kids get a fun experience out of it. Plus, you won’t have to pay ridiculously marked-up prices for concessions!

To transform your backyard into a movie theatre, you can use the following tips:

  • Buy a weather-proof projector
  • Install hidden speakers around your yard
  • Arrange a comfy seating area, complete with warm blankets

Fun Fall Outdoor Activites for You and Your Child

Always consider the weather when planning an outdoor movie night. If it’s getting chilly outside, you can get outdoor heating fixtures to make it a cozy setting. You can also make sure everyone is bundled up and has a warm drink in hand to keep them warm.

Get Your Blood Pumping

As the weather starts to turn colder, you might be tempted to stay inside more and more. While it sounds nice, and the occasional day in can be amazing, kids still need exercise — and so do you! Not only does getting an hour of daily exercise to keep you physically well, but it can reduce stress and make you feel better mentally, as well.

According to a report on stress and youth sports, exercise has great benefits for kids. For example, the study found that teens who played sports were less likely to be stressed, and kids as young as eight years old who exercised regularly were less likely to experience stress into adulthood.

There are many ways to get your kids involved in sports. You can sign them up for a sports team at school, find a little league team for them, or just play with them casually and help them build their hand-eye coordination. You can also find other ways for both of you to get exercise, like going on hikes or runs together and making sure to participate in the activities they do.

Fun Fall Outdoor Activites for You and Your Child

Get Away for the Day

Sometimes, you just need to drive away from the city and relish in the peace of nature. To do this, you can take your kid on a day trip somewhere one to two hours away. Fall is the perfect time to do this because, like spring, it is a mild season so you won’t be thwarted by overheating or sunburns like you would in the summer, or by snow, hail, or icy trails like you would in the winter.

You can also teach your kids to appreciate nature by going on hikes and exploring the outdoors together. If you bring a nature book, you can also try to identify plants and learn together about poisonous plants and helpful ones.

Another option is to go to another city for the day. Whether you live close to a big city that can be fun to get lost in or there are small towns you can get to know, visiting other places can be great fun. Plus, there is a lot to teach your children when traveling if you can get them involved, like letting them help, watching documentaries before you go, and giving them a camera to capture the trip.

Fun Fall Outdoor Activites for You and Your Child

While the fall can be a stressful time for school-aged children as they handle homework, tests, and extracurriculars, it’s always nice to make time for relaxing activities so you can destress with your child. Taking an hour or two to be active every day, making time for fun in your own backyard, and expanding your child’s horizons are great ways to make the best memories in the fall.

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Fun Fall Outdoor Activities for You and Your Child

Fun Fall Outdoor Activities for You and Your Child

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