5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

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These days, many people lead sedentary lives, either sitting in front of the TV or playing games on their tablet or smartphone. It means the problem with obesity is a big issue, and at the moment. it seems to be getting worse in the US. This is why so many people are constantly trying different diets to lose weight, and is why most of them fail because they are not active enough. It is very easy to get into the habit of sitting around. Your body becomes used to it and the weight just piles on.

It does not have to be this way though. There are simple things you can introduce into your lifestyle so that you eat healthier and have more energy to do things.

Never try to make all the changes at once, as that is a recipe for disaster. Introduce one at a time, and when that one becomes a habit, introduce the next one.

5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

Have A Plan For Your Meals

You are more likely to eat the wrong foods if you standing looking in your fridge or cupboards with no idea what you are going to eat, Then it often becomes a case of what is the most convenient, rather than what is good for you.

Making the decision to take THE KETO 30 challenge now is a good way to start with a plan, as you will know beforehand exactly what you will be having each day. Taking the ‘what shall I have’ experiences out of your diet will make it so that you are far more likely to choose healthy options for each of your meals. Planning also allows you to incorporate some of your favorite foods so that you do not start to feel deprived.

5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

Eat Lots Of Green Leafy Vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables will help your body to burn fats more efficiently.  They have fiber in them, as well as micronutrients and phytochemicals that are all proven to help you get rid of fat and become lean.

Health wise they are brilliant. They can lower the risk of you contracting some cancers, and will fight bad estrogen levels in your body. The fiber in them will ensure that you stay feeling fuller for longer, and because these are low card=b vegetables they are really good for your weight loss aims.

Not everyone likes greens. If you are one of these people, try roasting them with some seasoning and you might find they do not taste so bad after all.

5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

Cut The Carbs

Carbs can do more damage to our health than many people realize. They g=have been associated with so many different medical conditions, you really are better off avoiding as many of them as you can.

Sugar is the worst of them, and there is so much of it in foods you may not even realize. Most processed foods are very high in sugar because it is a natural preservative.  Then there are the more obvious ways of consuming it such as in cakes, soda drinks, and chocolate. Most people will have all of these things at some point as a treat, but that is all it should be, and only very occasionally. Eating these things all the time will do your body or weight no good at all.

5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

Shop Smart

The first shopping tip if you want to stay fit is to never shop when you are hungry, as you will always end up buying more than you need. Then look at buying things in bulk. There are lots of meals that can be made very quickly and then frozen. As part of your weekly food plan, you will only have to reheat them for your meal to be ready.

This can make life a lot easier, and cheaper, as you are less likely to go to the local junk food eatery if there is a meal that can be ready for you in just a few minutes.

5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life

Pay Attention While You Eat

Forget sitting in from of the TV while you eat. The meal will disappear without you even being aware of what you have consumed. It is far better to turn the TV off, sit at a table and savor every mouthful throughout your meal. Your brain will retain the fact you have eaten much longer this way, and any hunger pangs will take much longer to materialize.

Staying lean is up to you, no one can do it for you. The few tips above may help a little, but there is so much more you can do. There are lots of resources online with advice, or you could speak with a dietician.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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5 Ways to Stay Lean for Life


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