Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

Different people draw their workout motivation from different sources. Some from the transformation their body undergoes, some from the fact that it helps them get rid of a lot of accumulated stress, and there are those who get motivated by a having a great workout outfit and looking good at the gym. This article covers the last group. We will go over some of the best fashionable workout outfits you should definitely try out. So let’s start!

Go for the monochromatic look

Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

Choose one color and coordinate all parts of the outfit. So white, black or gray are the preferred choices. You will definitely feel like a superhero and your motivation level is bound to raise. And we are not talking only about the top and the leggings, make sure your sneaker game is on point too. There are some great choices when it comes to the selection of Nike shoes, you are bound to find the colors you want while at the same time getting the top quality footwear ideal for working out.

The sheer legging trend

Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

This trend has started a few years ago and it shows no signs of stopping. Combining these leggings with a crop top, and an oversized jacket is a great option. An outfit like this will ensure that you look good coming and going from the gym and at the same time it will give you a significant self-confidence boost every time you glance at that gym mirror. Yes, they are quite revealing, but you do want to show off the results of all your hard work, don’t you? This is the one you should definitely try at least once.

Statement tees will definitely boost your motivation

Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

Monochromatic leggings combined with a great statement tee that has some of your favorite quotes on it is definitely a great look for the gym. Make sure you opt for a vibrant color t-shirt that stands out. The motivation quote should be in large letters so that you simply can’t miss it.  So that while you are working out, and you feel like you had enough, you can glance at those words and find additional motivation to finish the workout. You can buy one of these tees or even have one made if you can’t find the quotes you want. This look is both stylish and it can help you keep the enthusiasm you need for every-day visits to the gym.

Don’t miss out on the layered look

A bit more fashion-forward but still a great option for your fitness regimen, a layered look gives you the freedom to mix and match pieces and make your own outfit. You can opt for a top and layer it with a sleeveless tee on top, contrasting colors are a great choice if you want to make your look a bit more interesting. So maybe opt for darker shades for the top and some neon for the tee. When it comes to layering the bottom part of your fitness outfit you can always combine leggings with short shorts. In this case, it would be best to use leggings from the compression clothing line, they won’t just look good but will also protect you during your workout. Again you can opt for darker shade or simply go black, and contrast it with vibrant-colored short shorts. Of course, the sneakers of your choosing should match your shorts or tee.

Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

There you have it, some great fashionable workout outfits that you simply have to try. Of course, not all of them might be your cup of tea, but you are bound to find some that you love and that will provide you with the much-needed motivation to get your tushie to the gym every single day. So, make your choice and start shopping, both your body and your mind will be quite grateful for the investment.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

Fashionable Workout Outfits to Try

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  1. This seems to be the fashion in our high school, not just for workouts. Showing to my daughters to see if there is any that they would like for Christmas!

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