Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

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Let’s face it, finding the time to coordinate anything as a mom is a difficult task. You’re juggling schedules, meetings, and your kids simultaneously. So, why should you bother to color coordinate your wardrobe, let alone the rest of your life? Most moms are unaware of the secret benefits that stem from the colors you interact with on a daily basis. The different shades you see every day can have a significant impact on your energy levels, confidence, and your daily routine in general. Though it may be hard for you to believe at first, color coordination truly does matter as a mom.

Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

You’ll feel more put together

For the majority of moms, feeling put together is not something that occurs on a regular basis. The reason for this is simple: moms are too busy helping their children to take time for themselves. Color coordination is a great place to start. Whether you choose a signature color to maintain throughout your daily outfit, or you coordinate the shades of your living room accents; keeping color consistent will make you feel like you have your ducks in a row, even if you don’t. It’s important to take care of yourself, and feeling more put together will help you achieve that! Some colors that will hopefully leave you feeling even more on top of your day are yellow and orange. Yellow is the color of optimism; it’ll keep you feeling motivated and ready to tackle your tasks. Slightly similar to yellow, orange is the color of encouragement, whether this is an encouragement for yourself or others, it’s a helpful trait to carry with you! Coordinating colors like these will leave you feeling consistent, confident, and content, even during the busiest days as a mom.

Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

Color can energize you

With all of the tasks moms are expected to complete, it’s so easy to run out of energy! Believe it or not, there are certain colors you can coordinate into your life that will help keep you energized! Assess your routine to figure out the portions of your day where you feel the most drained, and coordinate energizing colors into those times. Both the color red, which is known for energy, and the color blue, which omits confidence, are perfect choices that are sure to put an extra spring into your step. If you find yourself feeling extra drowsy as you get ready in the morning, try adding in some red finishings to your bathroom! On days where you lack confidence as a mom, sprinkle in some pops of blue into your outfit to give you an extra pick me up. Hopefully, this added energy will leave you with room in your schedule to take some much needed me time as well! Whatever it is that sucks the energy from your life, use the coordination of color to shut those emotions down.

Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

You’ll discover yourself

It’s not uncommon for moms to put themselves on the back burner for the sake of their kids. While it’s important to put the needs of your children first, don’t lose sight of yourself in the process. Coordinating colors that you personally enjoy and feel uplifted by will allow you to once again discover yourself. This kind of self-discovery will enable you to step out of your comfort zone and be the mom you’ve always wanted to be! When you come home from work, the colors you’ve chosen to be consistent throughout your home should be ones that are reflective of who you are and what you love. Whether it’s your wardrobe, your dining room, or even your hair color, allow the shades that you put together to teach you about yourself. Making a bold color change with hair color conditioners from oVertone is a fun place to start on your path to self-discovery! oVertone’s products promote both subtle and vibrant color changes that are sure to keep you feeling both colorful and confident.

Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

If amidst your busy routine as a mom you find that the colors in your life are lacking coordination, hopefully, we’ve inspired you to make some changes. The more intentional you are about the colors in your life, the more you’ll find them energizing, motivating, and inspiring!

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Why Color Coordination Matters As A Mom

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