How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

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Spring may have only just sprung, but summer is right around the corner. Before you know it, the schools will be out, and you’ll have three whole months to spend with your little ones. This time should be filled with fun and relaxation, both for you and your kids, but it is important that you keep health in mind too. Without the structure and routine that comes with school days, it’s easy for families to fall into bad habits that could harm the health of all of you, especially your children. With that in mind, here are ten ways you can keep your kids healthy over the summer break.

Keep A Set Schedule

Throughout the summer months, it’s easy for children to fall into crazy sleep schedules. After all, without the early school-day starts looming over you, getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour may seem less necessary. However, children who get too little sleep have less energy to do the things that keep them healthy, like exercise and make good choices. Their mental health is also sure to take a knock. For this reason, you should set a bedtime and do your best to stick to it.

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Stick Limits On Screens

To the younger generation, binge-watching the television or playing video games can seem like a fun way to pass the summer days. Unfortunately, while it may be enjoyable, it can have a negative impact. This extra time in front of a screen replaces other more healthy activities, like sleeping, reading, or playing outside, harming their mental health and leading to weight gain. Implementing limits on screen time in your house is an effective way to keep your kids off their technology.

Look For Active Activities

Without school to keep them active, it’s up to you to ensure that your children get regular exercise. Rather than focusing on calories and fat burning, however, you should find physically active ideas that they enjoy. Hiking, cycling, and swimming are just a few summer activities that your little ones may like. You could even send them to camp for a few days, where these fun things will already be arranged. Ideally, your little ones should exercise for an hour each day.

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Teach Them To Swim

Swimming and other water-related activities are fun and active ways to pass the warm summer’s days. That being said, they can also be quite dangerous. Drownings are the top cause of death and injury to children aged between one and four. For this reason, you must take caution when your children splash around. Make sure that you teach your kids to swim or take them to swimming lessons. You should also supervise them at all times when around water.

Remember To Plan Checkups

Many schools require all of their students to have had checkups and important vaccinations before they head back to school in the fall. Because of this, it’s crucial that your schedule these appointments as soon as possible. As well as a routine checkup, you should take your little ones to the dentist and for an eye exam. These checks can help to spot and prevent any potential issues. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan these appointments, as you may not get a slot. A resource you may want to use is Rolling Paper it has articles that signify the importance of vaccinations, and you can find the answers to any questions you have there before it’s time for your checkup.

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Take Sun Safety Precautions

We all know the dangers of sun exposure, but that doesn’t stop many people from spending hours basking in the rays to get a good tan. Unfortunately, as dangerous as this exposure can be to us adults, it’s even more so for children. This means that you need to take extra precautions to keep your little ones safe. As well as applying sunblock on a regular basis, you should make your kids wear a sunhat. It’s also important that they play in the shade, rather than direct sunlight.

Keep The Insects Away

Fortunately, there are few insects that can transmit serious diseases. However, it is still a risk. With that in mind, you should do what you can to keep insects away from your children. Make sure that you invest in proper insect repellents and sprays and keep them away from playing in high-risk areas for ticks and other insects, like wooded or heavily leafed spaces and tall grasses. When your little ones come inside, remember to check them for ticks and insect bites.

Pack A Healthy Lunch

Your kids may not be going to school, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pack a lunch for them. Whether they’re spending a day a camp, heading for a bike ride, or simply playing in the garden, having this lunch available ensure that your children always have something nutritious at hand to eat. You should also swap out the junk in your cupboards for healthier snacks. This means your kids won’t have a chance to make a poor choice when they’re feeling peckish.

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Cook Meals With Care

When the weather outside is beautiful and sunny, the last thing that you’ll want to do is spend hours cooking in a stuffy kitchen. Instead, you may choose to host a barbeque. This can be a fun and healthy option, but only if you cook the food with care. If you don’t, you could risk giving all of your family stomach upsets, especially your little ones. Meats must be cooked through thoroughly, salads should be washed, and nothing should be left out in the sun to sweat.

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Learn To Let Go

Keeping your kids healthy is an important job for parents. However, you shouldn’t stress too much about the task. Stopping your children from eating any junk and forcing them to exercise will only cause them to become frustrated, which will harm their mental health. It could also push them to do the opposite of whatever you tell them. At the end of the day, you can’t watch your kids every minute, so learn to let go a little and understand that you can’t control it all.

How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

Keeping your kids healthy over the summer can be a challenge, but, hopefully, with the tips above, it’s one you’ll now find a little easier.

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How To Keep Your Kids Healthy Over The Summer

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