Fit, But Fun! Enjoying The Art Of Exercise

With so much focus on exercise these days, it can really suck the life out of it. When we’re told to get outside, regardless of the weather, and really push it, not only does it make us feel horrible at the very end of it. But let’s face it, there’s just no fun in running 5 miles when your chest is in bits and you feel like you want to throw up at any given moment. And this is why so many people are put off by the idea of exercising before they’ve even begun. What’s the key? Making it fun! We have to remember that regardless of the activity, the goal is to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping, and to lose a couple of calories. We don’t have to do a million press-ups to accomplish this, so what other options are there?

Joining A Class

For those looking for some traditional approaches to exercise, but they don’t have the motivation, joining a class is a very easy option. By joining a class, it gives you some form of focus, but it also gives you the structure provided by a professional. You can have a look on for some Pilates classes, which is great for toning up, but it gives you a lot of strength in your core, and there are always people in classes that are very experienced, but also incredibly amateur, so you’re never out of your depth. And with classes in terms of yoga or Pilates, they’re always very inclusive, rather than forcing you towards the most stressful of workouts.

Fit, But Fun! Enjoying The Art Of Exercise

Having Fun

A lot of classes out there can focus on the art of exercise as a really strict and regimented thing, but on the other hand, there are places like that guarantee you have a workout, but is also a lot of fun. By dancing to your favorite dance tunes and having a proper old school rave up, you will burn off the calories but also have an amazing time! And when it comes to having fun, there are so many things you can do. It’s not just about getting your glow sticks out; you can go to a dance class but you can do pretty much anything that you want, as long as it gets you moving. Ultimately the goal is to have fun, and if you can find an activity that you really enjoy, but also helps you keep fit, it’s win-win!

Fit, But Fun! Enjoying The Art Of Exercise

Walk Everywhere

In the modern world of public transport, we can very easily get lazy. But when it comes to exercise, and starting on a new exercise regime, the art of running is greatly underestimated. By starting to walk as much as you can, it’s a perfect way to get your 10,000 steps, but also gets the heart pumping. Any exercise is better than no exercise, and if we are trying to get ourselves into some sort of fitness regime that is beyond our capabilities, we will very easily give up. And this is why the key is to make things fun, but also to start slow. Because if you make something fun, you might not notice you’ve done as much exercise, but if you start modestly, you’ll build up your resilience to exercise. Think about these two things, and you won’t go far wrong!

Fit, But Fun! Enjoying The Art Of Exercise

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Fit, But Fun! Enjoying The Art Of Exercise


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One thought on “Fit, But Fun! Enjoying The Art Of Exercise

  1. I love exercising, it is making feel so happy, a better person.. It also helps my body to do whatever I want tit to. Do I suddenly need to run because I’m late? NO problem, keep pace not to high and you won’t even sweat

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