The Mom Milestones You Should Always Celebrate

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Becoming a Mom gives you endless reasons to celebrate, but most of the festivities are normally centered around your new arrival. While there’s no doubt you’ll want to make the most of your new son or daughter, it’s important to recognize your own journey too. If you want to celebrate every aspect of parenthood, take a look at these Mom milestones that should be marked on your calendar:

First Solo Outing with Your Newborn

Your first solo outing with your baby can be a daunting affair. With diaper bags, changing mats, pushchairs, and prams, you’ll feel like you’re carrying everything but the kitchen sink. In fact, you might wonder whether you need to take that with you as well!

No matter how well-prepared you are, there will be times when you forget something essential but don’t let it get you down. Once you’ve overcome the first solo outing with your baby, you’ll be taking trips with your newborn without a second thought.

First Solo Outing without Your Newborn

If going out alone with your newborn seems scary, just wait until you head out without them for the first time. It’s totally normal to crave time alone when you’re a new mom but, when you get the chance to go shopping or meet up with friends, you may feel reluctant to leave your baby. While there’s no rush to be parted from your new arrival, it is a milestone you’ll want to recognize when the time comes.

First Good Night’s Sleep

Some parents will tell you they got their first great night’s sleep within days of bringing their baby home, while others will maintain they’re still waiting for a good night’s sleep as their child turns 21. Whenever you’re lucky enough to get your first decent night’s sleep, it’s something you’ll want to shout from the rooftops. No matter how long you have to wait for it, be sure to celebrate this momentous occasion!

Getting Back into Pre-Pregnancy Clothes

While there’s no need to push yourself to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape, being able to wear your usual clothes again does come as something of a relief. For many new moms, it’s the first time they feel like themselves after giving birth. To mark the moment, why not arrange a photography session? As well as getting snaps of your newborn to cherish, you can also enjoy having some family shots taken when you’re feeling your best.

Baby’s First Smile

Newborns can sometimes manage a little smile, but this is known as a reflex smile. Sometime between six and 12 weeks, however, your little bundle of joy will be able to treat you to a beaming smile. When you’re feeling overtired and overwhelmed, enjoying your baby’s smile can make everything seem rosy again, so be sure to enjoy this special moment.

Becoming a New Mom

There’s nothing more daunting than becoming a parent, so don’t panic if you feel out of your depth. By making time to recognize and celebrate your newborn’s growth, as well as your own achievements, you can reflect on just how well you’re doing as a new mom.

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