Can You Use School At Home To Reconnect With Your Teen Under COVID?

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Let’s be upfront about the pandemic uncertainty. For teens, 2020 has been a confusing year where everything they took for granted has dissolved under their eyes. 

As a parent, reaching out to your child to let them know that you are here for them can make a great deal of difference. Learning to let go of some of the structures in life and make every day count is a new lesson to learn together. It’s worth showing them how to handle uncertainty when the things you can’t control change. If you are making the most of your time under COVID to boost your education, you can share the experience of pandemic learning with your teen. 

The challenges of learning by yourself

We can expect most schools to shut down again to prevent health risks. But if you’re taking online classes too, you can use your experience to help your teen learn in a class-less environment. Learning a lesson at home when you’re used to sitting with your classmates is not just an isolating experience. It can dramatically affect mental concentration and memory. If you’re using tips to improve your note-taking process or your learning routine as part of your online education, you can share these with your child. 

Encouraging each other with shared schedules

Could you be your teen’s classmate at home? It can be a lovely idea to create a shared home office for the two of you, so you can both join your online classes together. The ideal shared office design needs to limit distractions. You could sit in the same room but face a wall while watching your respective classes, for instance. You don’t need to sit next to each other to feel each other’s company. But working together can be a source of motivation for both of you, even if you’re not following the same classes. 

Create time for being lazy

It’s hard to have a break when you’re working from home. A lot of professionals tend to work longer hours at home. Chances are your teen will be following the same pattern. But you can suggest a schedule that creates time for being lazy. Why not schedule one hour for lunch and break and spend it specifically away from the desk? You can use the time to relax together in front of your favorite TV show, for instance. If you prefer a screen-less break, why not relocate to the kitchen to cook and eat together? You may not have a lot of time for a fully cooked meal, but you can whip up an easy lunch in a few minutes. A quick hummus pizza can be ready in no time, and it’s packed with delicious Mediterranean flavors. If you prefer something more exotic, you can make an Asian chicken bowl with a mix of vegetable and rotisserie chicken for a nutritious meal. Showing your teen how to manage breaks throughout the day to recharge their energy and mental focus will make school days at home more effective!  

Embracing the challenges of education under COVID together can be a game-changer for your relationship with your teen. When a lot of parents are using online education to boost their careers, you already have the knowledge and experience of learning at home. You only need to share it with your teen and embrace the joys of being an online student together. 

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