Creating A Blog Sales Funnel In 5 Simple Steps

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If you are only using your blog for SEO purposes, then you could well be missing out. Indeed, in addition to boosting your SERPS position, your blog can also be used as a way of guiding your customers through the purchase process and making sure that as many of them buy as a product as possible. Of course, to achieve this you will need to create an effective blog sales funnel, something you can get some step-by-step advice on below. 

Step 1: Define what are you trying to get your readers to buy? 

Is it a physical product, or a service from you? For example, you may be offering to write content and copy for other businesses? Alternatively, it could be a product that you are acting as an affiliate for. 

However, as the end goal of a blog sales funnel is getting a reader to make a purchase, knowing what they will be purchasing is essential as it shapes the entire process. 

Step 2: Craft your content 

Blogs are such effective sales funnels for your business because they provide an excellent way of encouraging awareness. Indeed, a blog post is ideally positioned to inform and educate on any topic or product that you wish to promote. 

Of course, to be successful in this aim, the content you create must be carefully matched to the demographic you are looking to attract. For example content with lots of business, acronyms won’t be effective if you are looking to market to teenagers. While a TikTok-style video won’t do the job if you are looking to attract a professional market. 

Step 3: Provide added value 

Part of the importance of creating a sales blog funnel is to establish trust and positive regard between you and your customer before they have even made a purchase. One of the best ways of doing this is to offer something of value to them for free in the mid-stages of the process such as an eBook, guide, or tutorial video. 

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This then cements your position as a leader in your field, provides you with their contact details to follow up on, and also initiates an initial commitment on the side of the customer. One that can help them get ready to make a purchase when they reach the bottom of the funnel. 

Step 4: Craft effective calls to action (CTA) 

One of the most effective ways you can ensure that your blog visitor signs up for the free resource you are offering is to craft an effective call to action. Indeed, many people choose to use bold buttons with phrases such as ‘Yes I want my free guide now.’ 

Indeed, beginning with a positive affirmation and using a personal pronoun are just some of the ways you can make sure your calls to action work effectively. 

Although it is worth noting that CTAs do require some savvy and specific understanding to get right. Something that means a sales funnel conversion rate optimization agency may be better positioned to help you make them as effective as possible. After all, such experts will always be in the best position to make sure your conversion efforts are as powerful as possible. 

Step 5: Craft an automated product pitch 

Once a potential customer has signed up for their free item you can send an automated product pitch to them inviting them to buy your product. 

Be sure to include not only the features of the product or service you are offering here but also the benefits that your client will get by buying it. Oh and make sure your CTAs are on point here too, as you will need to maximize your chances of getting a conversion from your funnel every time. 

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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