4 Fitness Careers That Change Lives

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Our health is the most important thing in our life. Many people in the world suffer from poor health, and it affects everything they do from how they get out of bed, what they can eat, and what activities they can do. Physical activity also helps people with their mental health enabling them to challenge themselves and motivate themselves to better careers, better situations, and better lives. The people who work in fitness and health are the motivators behind helping people make these amazing changes. Here are four careers in fitness that change lives. 

Yoga Instructor

It takes a lot of training to become a yoga instructor and many years of experience. When you sit in a yoga class, chances are you are sitting in front of an individual who knows how to move their body and how to get you to move yours. Yoga goes one step further and it helps us relax and find our center. With years of experience and a rigorous training course, you can become a yoga instructor and help people heal, feel good about their mental health, and challenge their bodies to be more elastic, stronger, and centered. 

Fitness Trainer

So many people avoid the gym because they feel insecure. That same group of people knows that exercise is vital to having a healthy life. Research has shown that people who do as much vigorous exercise as they can live longer and cut the risk of death by 51%. Fitness trainers help people feel secure in the gym and help motivate people to reach their fitness goals. If you want to be part of that group that is changing lives, get your certification to be a fitness trainer. Places like ASFA will certify you to be a trainer and you can soon be on your way to changing lives and helping people live healthily. 


When people are getting healthy and getting in shape, they may not know that your look, how you lose weight, and how you build muscle are all dependent on 85% of one thing: what you eat. Working out is only 15% of the journey. Becoming a dietician you help others understand nutrition, their bodies, and what fuel to give their bodies. This knowledge, provided by you, will enable them to live longer, healthier lives where they will be fit and able to continue doing all the activities they love. 

Physical Therapist

Becoming a PT takes a lot of schooling and many years, but you will be able to help people heal and get back to doing what they love, which is being fit and being able to do all the activities they need to do in their daily lives. PTs know the entire physiology of the body and how to work it back to health. PTs keep people mobile so they can stand on their own two feet through needling, cupping, stretching, and massage. Becoming a PT will allow you to give your patients the gift of recovery.

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