Hello You!

I’ve been journaling for seventeen years now and have loved every second of it! I decided to add my Journal to a small corner of the Internet.  Once my life transitioned from full-time employee to full-time wife and mother, I felt a void in my world that I was eager to fill. My life became more than what I was expected to do as an employee and scheduling my life around that; To scheduling my work around my husband and daughters, Daddy’s Little Girls.

The times we have shared, both good and bad has been a testament to my life.  I have looked at my journal over the years to help friends, family, and even myself. I realized that being transparent and discussing so many different aspects of my life has helped me form a bond with friends and family that goes beyond small talk.

With the support of my husband, family, and friends, I decided to take the plunge and pursue this industry full-time.  I truly feel like my journey can help and entertain more than just my family and friends and therefore I am sharing it with the world.

Until next, shine amongst the stars!

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