Lavanda Michelle now on Youtube!!

Sharing my innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences with the world via a blog has been interestingly rewarding. Today I decided to share a recap of this experience in a unique video on YouTube.


My very 1st blog post took me a while to get done and then I struggled with what to name it. It was a simple introduction so I finally thought, “Keep it simple” therefore, I entitled it Hello You!IMG_9553

For my 2nd blog post, I decided to have a talk with my readers on a touchy subject. I opened up about my weight loss journey entitled My Largest Weight Ever!


My 3rd blog post was about my weight loss accomplishments. A lot of friends were asking how I did it. Due to their responses to my methods, I thought many others who might benefit from the information would want to know as well. So I called it How I lost 70lbs and Jump-started My Weight Loss Journey.


I wrote my 4th blog post specifically for bloggers. Since I’ve been getting to know other bloggers, some have shared their ‘writers-blog’ with me. Some experience technical setbacks, while others have more of a challenge building readership. I dealt with why people get into blogging because motive is everything when your writing. I titled it, For Love or Money?


My 5th blog post was about my relationship with my father. September is always an emotional time in my world for a few reasons My father’s birthday is during this month to name just one of those reasons. I entitled it, Daddy’s Little Girl!


My 6th blog fell on the eve of my one-month anniversary of blogging which was met with a shockingly surprising honor. I entitled this one, OMG! My Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

IMG_9551 (1)

My 7th blog post’s focus was, emotional of course. It was based around the fact that I found myself neglecting my “self” and not taking care of “me” as well as I should. I shared my remedy for this self-sabotage in my blog entitled Self-Love Saturday Selfie.


While I believed that I was on my last dip down September’s emotional roller coaster, my 8th blog post proved different.  I took time to reflect on the tragedy that took place recently in Nevada. I entitled it Las Vegas Strong.


My 9th blog post was more of a discussion. It was about a very special day in September that touched my heart, my mind, my body, and soul. I will never ever forget. I entitled it How 9/11 Changed My Life.


My 10th blog post discussed a little-known, natural method that was a critical aid to my weight loss titled How Intermittent Fasting Aidedin my Weight Lost Journey.


My 11th blog post is a timely expression of and appreciation for a simply delighting time of the year for me. I shared my love for my favorite season. It is An Autumn I will Always Remember.


It was so much fun making this video with my hubby and learning more about technology. I look forward to making more of these and sharing my experiences through this medium. In the meantime, go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Thanks!


Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, how did putting together your introduction video go? Where you able to find a unique way to express yourself to your viewers? Feel free to leave a comment below. Also connect with me on  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +,  and Twitter. You can also contact me via my contact page.

Any thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

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Until Next Time, Shine Amongst the Stars!

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