A Zebulon Thanksgiving

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Growing up in a big family with four brothers and four sisters, I was the baby girl of nine. I absolutely love being around my family so I had been excited about Thanksgiving for weeks. I was going to Zebulon, NC to visit two of my beautiful sisters and their families.

Since my mom and other siblings will be celebrating together in Illinois, I was slightly disappointed that the crowd would be smaller here. My oldest niece, Ashleigh, just finished an overseas trip after graduating UNC-Chapel Hill, and my other beautiful niece, Tyshonna will be spending Thanksgiving with friends from college. After the momentary disappointment, I was excited to see my sister’s home that she had renovated and did some DIY projects.



As we pulled up to her home I just enjoyed the sound of the country gravel driveway and the feel of a ranch-style home on 2 acres of open outdoor space. I smiled as I saw the wreath she’d made herself and I couldn’t wait to see the rest. My fur-baby, Zeus came with us. He was excited and enjoyed playing with his cousin-dogs and playing catch with my girls and nephew, Ian. He loved running freely around the yard.



As I walked in the door, I smelled the food cooking and the aroma of Thanksgiving making my stomach growled. I was admittedly distracted by her eye-catching fall decor. I was more amazed by the work she did on her mantle. It was absolutely stunning. The white contrast against the brick made it pop. Also, the walls were now all white. I wanted to steal the cute lamps she adorned her mantle with and when she said she designed them, I put in an order for two. Her Thanksgiving decor was a great compliment to the colors.


The hardwood floors were adorable and the different patterns of the living room floors leading to the kitchen were flawless. The kitchen floors held my attention for a good moment to where I completely forgot about the food. I wanted to know everything. The floors completed her kitchen and it’s decor. To see more of her project and the decor of her home please visit her YouTube channel.

Now let’s talk turkey! My sister, Tonja is a pro at making greens with added smoked turkey. She also delighted us with a mashed potatoes and sweet potato. Her baked macaroni and cheese is always a crowd pleaser. She topped everything off with dressing and giblet gravy. My sister, Martha made a fat and juicy turkey, a ham, and a whole chicken. Her husband, Keith made white rice and brown gravy. I wasn’t given the approval to share these recipes, sorry. 



IMG_0384 (1)

Once you add the desserts to the mix, it became a perfectly memorable gathering. My husband, Tim entertained the children and fur-babies outdoors which gave me and my sisters time to catch up. We did what we do best – laughing, joking and just having a good time. I could never have enough of it. I am so thankful for family, fun times and friendships. What are your favorite things to do on Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for this year?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

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  1. thanks giving, for the whole family it is the big day, the time to gather the whole family so it deserves a great foods. thanks for this ideas.

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