3 Ways Blogging Improves Your Life

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Blogging has become one of the foremost internet enterprise areas, with hundreds of thousands of blogs currently in circulation. Bloggers have surpassed their magazine counterparts in terms of influence, and many blogs have now become so large they are able to create a full-time income for their owner.

You almost certainly read blogs — in fact, you’re doing that right now! — but have you ever thought about writing one? The process of learning how to start a blog is simple enough, so you don’t need to have tech concerns, and the benefits you will experience from keeping a blog are potentially life-changing. If you’re tempted but not sure if blogging is for you, have a read through the list below to see just how much blogging could benefit you personally…

#1 – You Always Have An Outlet

We all need an outlet in life. Some of us have friends who we are comfortable offloading to or close relationships with our parents that ensure we’re always going to be listened to. However, there are many times in life where people just don’t feel like they want to bother someone close to them with their issues– and a blog is a natural outlet for these concerns.

When you develop a blog and cultivate a readership, you’re essentially sectioning off a corner of the internet that’s just for you. If there’s a burning topic you want to discuss or just a place you want to vent and be understood, then your blog provides the opportunity to do just that. We all need a place where we feel comfortable just letting off steam, so why not let your blog serve that purpose for you?

#2 – You Remember Things You Otherwise Would Have Forgotten


Blogging about your everyday life is effectively a form of keeping a journal. Keeping a journal just for yourself can be tough — we all need feedback and interaction every once in awhile — so, for most of us, journaling is a habit that falls by the wayside as we get older.

With a blog, however, you can engage with other people and keep a record of your life. Blogging tends to go hand-in-hand with taking more photographs too so your blog will result in a strong visual and photographic record of your life.

#3 – You Connect With People From All Over The World

One of the greatest things about blogging is how universal it is. You’re not restricted to your own private journal or the friends and family who live near you; you can connect with readers half a world away from where you live, allowing you to make friends you otherwise would never have met. You can share your lives, learn about one another, and see the world from another perspective. If you want to expand your horizons, then outside of direct travel, blogging is the best way to do it.

So if you decide that 2018 will be the year you finally make the leap and start a blog, the benefits above prove that it could just be the best decision you make all year.  Do you Blog? How long have you been blogging? Are you an avid reader of blogs? What are your updates?

Until Next Time, Shine Amongst the Stars!

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