How To Spice Up Your Simple Outfit

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You don’t have to own a lot of clothes to make your style attractive and unique. The secret is in the details and careful planning when you’re putting up an outfit. If you feel sometimes your outfit is too simple, here’s how you can take it to the next level without too much trouble, and your plain jeans and a white T-shirt will seem much cooler.

1. Add a colorful scarf

The right scarf can make all the difference in the world. Jeans and a T-shirt will instantly look trendier if you add a colorful or bright scarf to the outfit. Choose a scarf made of a light material on a warm day, while knitted scarf is also perfect for keeping you warm during the chilly days. The style of the scarf is totally up to you.


2. Jewelry

Accessories are the quickest way of completely changing the tone of an outfit. You could choose a giant cocktail ring or numerous bangles, chandelier earrings or even a quirky brooch that you can pin on your scarf or wear it on your hair. The point is to play with colors and different combinations, and soon you’ll quickly know just what piece of jewelry you need for a specific outfit.

3. Pops of color

Many women are too afraid to play with colors. Vibrant colors are not that much of a risky move as it may seem, and you will definitely end up being noticed. The easiest way would be to spice up a black dress with pink shoes and a stunning green or yellow necklace. You won’t go overboard with it, and you’ll still look playful.

4. Headbands

Custom Headbands take the great thing about headbands to the next level with their versatile range of styles, colors, and sizes. From the 60s style to timeless basics, and from slim and delicate bands to bold and wide ones, there’s a headband to suit every taste. Not only do they effortlessly keep your hair off your face, but they also add a cute and stylish touch that elevates any outfit. Whether you prefer headbands with playful feathers or intricate braided details, or you like to mix and match several thinner ones in different colors, Custom Headbands offer endless possibilities to express your unique personal style.


5. Dress the outfit down

Spicing up an outfit doesn’t mean to go with something elegant, luxurious and flashy. Sometimes it works great to dress the outfit down to create a unique and fresh look. the easiest example would be matching a cute skirt with sneakers – this is an unexpected and flirty style that can’t go unseen.

6. Add a belt

Just like headbands, belts come in different styles and sizes – belts for pants and belts that help define your waist; thin belts and statement belts. You can choose between the patterns, you can opt for a shiny belt to dress up the outfit or go for a thin, colorful belt to cinch the waistline of the dress. If chosen wisely, it can become the focus of the complete outfit.

7. The right shoes

Shoes are most women’s obsession for a good reason! You could try to find inspiration in other countries in search of unusual and comfortable shoes. Greek sandals will never go out of style and will always add a touch of past times to the elegant and yet casual look. Cute moccasins will go great with both skirts and pants. Traditional Spanish shoes are a hype everywhere, so the most unique Avarca sandals Australia has to offer could be just what you need with a summer dress or shorts. Shoes with animal print will make you stand out no matter what kind of an outfit you have chosen. The important thing is that, whatever the type of shoes it is, there has to be something eye-catching on them.


8. The right bag

Whether it’s a purse, a backpack, a satchel or a clutch, the right pattern and color will add life to the outfit. The alternative is to opt for a neutral bag with some unusual detailing. Small purses will do the trick if they are flashy and bright-colored, while the bigger ones can have a message on them or an attractive pattern that clashes with the rest of the outfit.

All in all

Open your wardrobe and you’ll be surprised how many accessories you have that can instantly change your outfit. Just be playful and bold!  What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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