3 Plugins to Explode Your Blog Traffic

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Explode Your Blog Traffic! As a blogger, you write content, you research and inject the juice to add value, and you even spend time carefully finding the right images to share along with your next post. You arrange it all in a nice, attractive fashion and now you’re set to hit PUBLISH. Ok, so you published your great work and two weeks later, you feel grateful for the readers who have visited but disappointed because you want more. Why aren’t you getting more traffic? You’ve probably asked yourself that question and maybe did some research or over-analyzed your blog’s marketing mix.

This a typical need for most business owners, right? Who doesn’t need more traffic? And who doesn’t need a new way to get more? Even better, who doesn’t need to leverage social media and Google more effectively? Whether you run a brick-n-mortar or a click-n-order, you want Christmas every day. You want the gift of new presents – I mean, new customers every day, not just once a year. I’m going to share 3 major traffic hacks that will get your blog business 4 to 10X’s busier!

referralcandy for woocommerce



#1 is sweet! ReferralCandy. This plugin is designed to encourage sharing. How it works is that it allows you to exchange your products (value-adds like e-books, cheat sheets, social media calendars, etc.) to reward your communities and tribes for referrals and shares.

click to tweet


#2 is a great tool to significantly help grow your Twitter audience. You can put the ClicktoTweet plugin to work whenever you want to post a new blog. It will make your post go viral if you do it right. How that looks is you, writing blogs that are 2k words or more. You, peppering your blog post with a clickable quote box or Tweetable link. Yes, it is what it sounds like. It’s a link that sends the click-er straight over to your handle. You’re giving them value so they’re going to connect with you there and share, especially if you ask them to. Just make sure you use it at the beginning, in the body about 4-5 times, and in the conclusion.  

invite referrals

Invite Referral

#3 is a best-kept-secret. Invite Referral lets you encourage your fans and followers to share your content 200, 300, 500 times which is likely to make it go viral. The deal is, when they share the designated number of times, the free content or info-product is automatically unlocked. InviteReferrals is compatible with most ESP’s (Email Service Provider) and social media platforms. It is also easily paired with your website, mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social app on mobile. You’ll get a share button on each page and are able to include a link button at the signature of your email. And speaking of such, please share.  What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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