Teens And Mental Health- How Do We Help Them To Develop Coping Skills

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No life is made up without its challenges, setbacks, and difficulties to overcome. That’s just inevitable, but it’s how we deal with hard situations that to some extent defines our success and certainly our happiness. Teaching emotional resilience for ourselves, understanding what we need, and being able to support our friends with this learning has the power to make us happier. When it comes to being a good friend, there is a lot going on right now. Social distancing restrictions, awkward family situations like co-parenting, caring responsibilities for children and elder family members, trying to work from home – you’re facing a lot of potential difficulties and stress. It can be easy to feel like you don’t have time to maintain friendships, but they are more essential now than ever. 

Taking Care Of Our Friends

Conditions such as anxiety and depression can easily take hold during pandemic conditions . And set against the huge uncertainty created by Covid-19 – around jobs, the economic situation and personal relationships – it’s little wonder many of us have friends who are struggling, or are struggling ourselves. So what can we do to better support each other as the pandemic plays out? 

Talk Openly And Honestly

Although it’s hard to face reality sometimes, and no one wants to dwell on the negative side of life, it’s important to maintain clear communication with our friends

What we can do is encourage an open and constructive dialogue about what they are feeling and experiencing. Make time to talk properly – away from devices and other distractions – and ask open questions. Don’t dismiss how they are feeling, even if you don’t necessarily agree with it. Rushing in with all the answers won’t work either, but you can aim to ask the right questions to steer them towards their own conclusions. 

Get Professional Support As Needed

It’s also important to recognize your own limitations in dealing with more complex or serious problems. Conditions such as depression, eating disorders, self-harm, debilitating anxiety or alcohol and substance abuse are all issues that need professionals support. Don’t be afraid to reach and work with specialist centers such as Enterhealth to get your friend the help they need if necessary. The swifter a problem is addressed, the easier it is to deal with. 

Encourage A Healthier Lifestyle

It really is the basics that you need to get right – and encourage your friends to as well. Sleep can be a big help, so work towards a point where you turn off blue light emitting electronics at night in order to rest and recharge properly. Adequate hydration and a properly nutritious diet as well as regular exercise that they enjoy are all gentle ways to improve wellbeing, confidence and quality of life for you and your friends. Support each other to create better habits. These habits are the building blocks of our mental and physical health and are often overlooked in terms of how much they can support our lives. As friends, you can empower each other to make the lifestyle changes that will help you through the pandemic and beyond. 

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