Are You Making It Easy For Customers To Pay You?

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When you own a business, no matter how big or small, if you want to increase conversions and sales, you must make it as quick and easy as possible for your clients to pay when shopping on your website.

This is why having a strong checkout page is critical. It is the last point of contact for individuals who are purchasing on your website. It is the location where customers hand over their credit card information and finally give you their money. 

It is far too easy to simply install PayPal on your website and assume that your payment choices have been sorted. However, if you are sincere about making it easier for your users to buy and growing sales for your company, you must have total power over the payment process.

Here, we look at how you can make it easy for your customers to pay.

 Make a range of payment options available

It may seem ridiculous, but there are websites out there that only accept one type of payment: credit card. Many customers state they would abandon their shopping basket and search elsewhere if their chosen form of payment was not available on the site. This demonstrates how critical it is to provide your consumers with a diverse selection of payment alternatives to choose from. These days, there are numerous options available, ranging from typical debit card payments to PayPal, vouchers, and credit cards. You can look at using this merchant services company.

While it is not required or realistic to accept every possible payment method, you will want to look at your target audience to determine which payment methods they use in order to capture the vast majority of people that visit your website, according to your target demographic.

Don’t make it mandatory for people to make an account

We have to sign into accounts for almost everything we do online these days which is fine and dandy until we find we have forgotten what our username or password is for a specific site, and end up giving up. 

It also turns off prospective clients because providing you with such a large amount of information can be bothersome, making it a conversion killer in the extreme. Many people despise the idea of creating accounts and providing their email addresses because they anticipate being inundated with promotional emails and trash mail. 

Make it possible for consumers to purchase items as guests, with the option of signing up for an account at the end if that is what they want, in order to avoid them from abandoning their cart and finding someone else to spend their money with.

Don’t ask for mounds of information

Nothing is more likely to derail a sale than being required to complete a form containing information that is not required for the transaction to be completed. Furthermore, providing a lengthy list of fields to fill out increases the number of hurdles that consumers must jump over in order to pay you.  You should give an explanation as to why you require the additional information, such as a telephone number if this is something that you insist on having.

Is it easy to change any errors?

People always make mistakes when putting information into fields. It is easy to ignore a phone number field or forget the period in their email address, which can lead to mistakes.

The top of some checkout pages displays an error message, but many customers are unaware that they must scroll up to find out what went wrong. In an ideal situation, an error notice would appear in the field where the problem occurred. Clarify which field is incorrect.

Another useful tip for making it easier for individuals to pay is to preserve the information they submit so that they do not have to keep retyping proper information if they make a mistake someplace else. 

Remove as many distractions as possible

Your checkout page is the finishing point of the sales funnels, so you do not want anything to divert their focus away from completing the checkout process successfully. That means that there should be no advertisements at all whatsoever. You don’t want them to spend all this time and effort getting them here and then encourage them to leave for a prospective competitor.

Your goal here is to see them through to the completion of the transaction, so eliminate anything else, including the navigation bar at the top, and just ask for the information that is absolutely necessary.

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. So true, when businesses make it easier to pay, it’s easier to spend money. Love the focus on the clients first and especially doing away with providing mounds of information.

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