Precautions to take while wearing lash extensions to your wedding

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If you want to wear lash extensions on your wedding day? The wedding day is auspicious for every girl, and to look drop-dead perfect is mandatory. Adding eyelash extensions to your special day not only adds beauty to your eyes but makes you feel even more confident and glamorous in your wedding pictures.

No, women would ever take any chance with their bridal look, so it becomes even more necessary to take the following precautions well in time.

Precautions Towards Lash Extensions.

  1. Timely Application

Every bride should make sure that the extensions are applied well in time before your important day. The ideal time to get your eyelash done is three to four days before your wedding day. And do take an oil-free mascara for pop-up and astonish the guests.

  1. Go for Professional

Contact your makeup artist and stylist well in time so that you get the perfect lash that matches with you and your look completely. Only a technician makes sure that what looks will suit you, whether a dramatic look or a subtle look. And do not compromise to go for a professional as only they can bring the beauty inside you out on the canvas.

  1. No Experimentation

Experimenting should be done on other days and not on your big day. So only go for jet black or brown lashes( if fair).

  1. Use Oil-free Products

Make sure that the products you are using for makeup and even your sunscreen should be oil-free. Oil makes your lashes fall, and the accumulation of more will be a hindrance. Therefore, maintain a powdery look.

  1. Put Lashes for Trial

Try the lash extensions, and only then choose the ideal one for you. Choosing lashes is quite uncertain, you may not like them, or you get a bad reaction from the glue. So going safe, put your lashes on a trial run.

  1. No Dramatic Look

Going for a classic wedding look would not be favored by thick and heavy lashes, so avoid them. Still, if you want an OTT to look for yourself then ask your technician to bind it well with makeup and outfit.

  1. No Water and Waterproof products

Keep your lashes away from water for 24 hours and let them set perfectly. Also, the makeup products used should not be waterproof as they are difficult to use and require heavy oil cleansers, and oil breaks the bond with glue. So prefer not to use water and waterproof products.

  1. Grooming

Keep brushing your eye extensions frequently so that they do not tangle, last long, and by doing so, we can also avoid fall-out. Curling is not advised so remember if you want to curl your lashes, go only with an eyelash comb.

  1. Do not rub

On your special day, a woman is dressed up so beautifully that she looks delicate. We need to keep the same concept in mind with lashes, as pulling and rubbing them can ruin your entire look.

Remember the precautions and catch the attention of the crowd to your captivating eyes.

What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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8 thoughts on “Precautions to take while wearing lash extensions to your wedding

  1. I have never used fake eyelashes but they do look really good when done right. They can also look really fake when not done right LOL…. I use a really good mascara that boosts my lashes and that is all I need. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I totally agree with no experimentation! On your wedding day, you don’t want to be worrying about testing out a new look – and you would want to look like yourself as well!

  3. I had lashes put on for my wedding – it was my first time ever. They looked amazing and I am glad I did it but I took them off as soon as everyone had left!

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