Is It Time For A Stress Detox?

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Do you experience stress on a daily basis? Stress is only supposed to be a short-term survival mechanism – in a life-threatening situation stress can help us get out of danger by making us more alert, making our muscles tenser and making our blood pressure higher to keep antibodies flowing around the body. Long-term exposure to stress is not healthy. It can wear down our mind and body, resulting in insomnia, muscle fatigue, and heart disease. Taking steps to detoxify your body of cortisol (the hormone that causes stress) can be much needed to prevent burnout or worse a heart attack. Here are five ways to give your body a stress detox.

Take a week-long break away from stress triggers

Removing stress triggers from your life entirely may not be possible. However, there’s nothing to stop you taking a few days’ break just to give your body and mind a rest. This could involve taking a week off work if your job is causing the stress, or even letting a relative babysit the kids if you need a break from the trials of parenthood. Getting away for a week could help you rebuild your strength as well as giving you time to think about what can be done to improve your situation. This could include taking a vacation away or putting your feet up at home – whichever suits you best.


Try some morning meditation

If you wake up feeling stressed, you’re likely to carry this stress with you for the rest of the day. By creating a calmer morning routine, you may be able to face the rest of the day with a calmer mindset. Sites like Sonima offer some great meditation techniques to try out that could help you to clear your body or cortisol. You should also consider steps such as changing your alarm clock to a calmer sound, waking up earlier to give yourself more time to get ready and eating a hearty breakfast so that you’re fuelled up for the day.

Change your bedtime habits

As for your bedtime routine, this may also need adjusting. It’s easy to get into a vicious circle of stress and lack of sleep – no sleep makes us stressed, whilst stress stops us from getting to sleep as easily. We can break this cycle by changing our bedtime habits. You should avoid looking at bright screens an hour before going to bed – these can trick our brains into thinking it’s still daytime. Instead, relax your brain by listening to music, taking a bath or meditating. You could even try some cannabis edibles to help clear your mind and get you ready for bedtime. You could find that you sleep much better by doing this.

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Get some spa treatment

Many forms of spa treatment including massages and hydrotherapy are proven stress busters. They release endorphins into our body to fight off our cortisol, whilst lowering our blood pressure and relaxing our muscle and mind. By visiting a spa such as Serenity Spa, you could help to reduce your stress levels. If you can’t afford this, even just taking a hot bath could make a difference.

Schedule time each week for yourself

You can’t fight stress if you don’t have any time to yourself. Whether you’re working all hours, raising a newborn or busy planning an event, you deserve at least an hour a week to yourself. Scheduling in this time each week could help you to collect your thoughts and be happier.

Are you taking any of these steps to detox from stress? What is your biggest cause of stress? What do you do to detox from stress? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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