Are You Tapping These Unexpected Sources of Inspiration?

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If you’re in a creative industry, then there’s nothing worse than hitting a bout of what writers would describe as “writer’s block.” Sometimes, it feels like we’re full of ideas; at others, it can seem like no matter how hard we try, just nothing will come. However, it’s important to remember that there’ll always be ways to bring yourself out of your slump. And while sitting down and just creating something, anything will sometimes jolt your brain into action, that’s not the only avenue you have at your disposal. There are many places where inspiration lives, and not all of them are instantly obvious. Below, we take a look at nine ways you can get yourself back to your creative best.


We’re told, or seem to sense at least, that boredom is a bad thing, but it’s not, especially when it comes to creativity. When we’re bored, we usually quickly get out our smartphones or switch on the television, or anything else that usually entertains – and distracts – us. If you’re in a slump, however, you’ll be well served by seeing where your boredom leads you. Don’t automatically look for ways to relieve that “man, I’m bored” feeling – ride it out until creativity strikes. It will, we promise.

People Watching

Everyone is creative; just some people express it in more subtle ways. The way a person decides to style their hair, or dress, or talk, or even walk can get our minds moving in the right direction. If you live in a populated area, park yourself somewhere that always has a lot of people passing. If you can find a place that attracts all walks of life – Washington Square Park in New York might be the best place – then it won’t be long before your mind is abuzz with activity. People are usually so wrapped up in their own lives that it’s unlikely anyone notices that you’re just watching the world go by. It essentially takes you out of your own head and into other people’s – and who knows what lives there?


In Your Dreams

Creative industries are usually charged with bringing dreams to life, and that’s no easy task. But did you know that, well, you can actually use your dreams as a source of inspiration for your creativity? Lucid dreaming is being touted more and more like an amazing source of inspiration; you’ll be asleep, in your mind, but able to manipulate your dreams – and in them, you won’t be bound by the physics of the real world. It’s not an easy thing to tap in to, but there is meditation for lucid dreaming that can help. When you wake up, you might just have your next project all mapped out – and what’s more, it’ll have happened while you’ve been recharging in bed. Double win!

Walking Through History

It’s all too easy to get bogged down with all the goings-on in the modern world. Indeed, it’s even easier to see the here and now as “the end of days,” that somehow take on greater importance than all the other times past. This, as a moment’s thinking will show, is incorrect; every other time in history was just as important – at the time at least. Thinking this way can get you out of your head, and give you a bit of perspective. It’ll also push you to look to the past, and all the events, people, works of art, and the rest that it produced. You might just find there’s a story worth telling buried there.


Free Flowing Conversation

You may be trying to figure out your next creative project all by yourself, but why do it by yourself? There’s no obvious merit to it. Indeed, one of the best places to find inspiration is to simply talk with your friends, especially if they’ve also got a creative mind. If you currently only have a nugget of an idea, then bring it and bounce ideas around with a family member or friend. Your mind will whizz into action, especially if they’re offering a few crucial sparks of inspiration that’ll have you reaching for your pen and notepad.

Bumps In the Road

Life isn’t easy. Sometimes, our slump isn’t necessarily because a lack of creativity – it’s just that we have too many other serious things going on in our life. But remember this: if it isn’t that requires your immediate attention, and isn’t too serious, then these bumps along the road can very often be a path towards creation. Take anxiety: you might feel it’s overwhelming, but many a great song, work of art, and novel has been borne out of that feeling. Own your problems; don’t let them own you.

Freeing Yourself

There’s an exercise that can be extremely productive. It’s the one where you take all the pressure off yourself, and place it on someone else – chiefly, a made up person that’s come straight from your head. If you’re a writer who can’t write, then consider adopting a pen name. You’ll be able to choose whichever writing style you like, and who cares if it’s no good by the time you finish? It’s the work of the other person, not you. And if it is good…then maybe switch back to your name.


Play With Your Kids

There’s a chance that your problems might stem from being too, well, socialized? You think there’s a certain way to view the world, to think, to everything. If so, take a look at your children – or your brother or sisters children if you don’t have any. They see the world in a beautifully fresh way, and they might just show you something that you’ve never seen before.

Out of the Comfort Zone

If all else fails, take the nuclear option, and throw yourself into the deep end, somewhere outside of your comfort zone. You’ll be challenged, think differently, and might just have an experience that jolts your creative mind into action. If nothing else, it’s an excuse to take a break and go traveling!

What do you do to get yourself back to your creative best? Have you usd any of these? Do you experience writers block? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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