Respecting Your Body Will Always Be The First Step To Improving It

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Respecting your body will always be the first step to improving it. This means that you focus on a range of important health benefits that are tried and tested, and you manage to do so with the conventional wisdom you are already aware of. It’s easy to fall into the overly corporatised efforts towards fitness and health, and to be suckered into the promises that your personal trainer or gym class makes.

Sometimes, the most simple methods of gaining health and fitness are the most reliable ways to do so. This allows you to respect your body by neglecting to imbue it with false and often expensive implements, and instead become more adept at long-term sustainable solutions.


Here are a couple of tips to get you started:

Preventing Injury

Almost everyone who takes their fitness seriously will become injured at a point in the future. This can be definitely prevented, but odds are something will happen. It might be that you twist your ankle while training for a marathon, or that you overtrain without realizing it and feel an intense form of fatigue. However, there are accidental methods of injury like this, and some issues that can be completely targeted and made difficult by the process. For example, those who do not dynamic stretch before each workout will only injure their muscles during intense workout.

The same goes for those who static stretch and artificially elongate the muscle before it must be used. Furthermore, those who prioritize fixed range of motion lifting will always keep an inferior weightlifting experience than someone who practices free weight compound movements. This is because the corporatized design of many of these circuits solely exist to help increase gym room customer traffic, and not actually adapt to the requirements of someone’s body. The natural method of learning basic lifts such as the squat, deadlift, dip set and clean operate around a full range of motion, and allow you to use your body as was intended.


Branded & Non-Branded

Of course, if you enjoy the pomp and circumstance of visiting the gym, you have every right to feel that way. However, it might be that this can sometimes get in your way. Some of the ‘best’ protein blends and health foods are high in sugar, and this counts for many other quick ‘protein bars’ and simpler eating implements. It’s easy to fall prey to these small considerations, but hard to keep steadfast in your workout and diet simplicity. As long as you’re getting fish oil, a multivitamin, some basic whey protein and enough calories to tide you through, you are on the right track. Respecting your body via this method will help you ignore any and all unnecessary additions, and come to a much more humble and effectively long-term strategy to maintain your health, as simplicity abounds and your wallet is less affected.

When you have the ability to respect yourself and your body, not only will you care about improving it, but you’ll stay on that path and be less inclined to follow flashy trends or burn out quickly. Try it for yourself, and you’re sure to see the difference! Are you more intoquick fixing or lifestyle changes? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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