3 Tips for Becoming More at Peace with Yourself

3 Tips for Becoming More at Peace with Yourself

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It would be great if we all felt our best, all the time, and were constantly brimming over with confidence, optimism, and motivation.

Unfortunately, though, life is a bit more complex than that, and the vast majority of us will go through periods of uncertainty and insecurity throughout our lives.

If you have a specific issue that’s the source of your insecurity, you may be able to deal with it directly. If fat reduction is a big deal for you, for example, you could look up a Coolsculpting video, and consider booking yourself in for nonsurgical treatment.

For the most part, though, becoming more at peace with yourself requires a more nuanced and ongoing approach.

Here are a few tips for becoming more at peace with yourself that you might find helpful.

3 Tips for Becoming More at Peace with Yourself


Don’t focus on “self-acceptance”, so much as living in a way that makes you respect yourself


“Self-acceptance,” is a nice idea in theory, and it may certainly be a productive approach for certain people, in certain situations. For the most part, though, simply “accepting who you are,” may not be the best path forward.

“Self-acceptance” implies that you are more or less perfect as you are right now – or at least, that you are just about as good as you’re going to get.

But the fact of the matter is that we all have hidden reservoirs of potential that remain untapped, and we are all capable of rising to ever greater heights in our lives, and achieving ever greater things. And no one is ever perfect.

Instead of focusing primarily on self-acceptance, focus on living in a way that makes you respect yourself. Generally, this will involve living in a way that keeps you aiming and moving “up”.

3 Tips for Becoming More at Peace with Yourself

Structure your life, and do what you can to stop wasting time


Some of us are naturally more organized and industrious than others, but if you’re struggling to come to terms with yourself, and to develop a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and confidence, it may well be the case that working to structure your life more thoroughly could prove an important step to take.

When your life is quite structured – and you know what you should be doing at any given moment, and then actually do it – you are better able to move towards your goals, and you are less likely to experience the sense of nagging anxiety that comes with feeling that you are wasting your time.

There’s something comforting about a certain baseline level of structure, too. It signals that we are in control of our lives to some degree, rather than being completely helpless.


Focus on doing small things, within your capability, each day, to make things “better”


When we are dealing with chronic illnesses, in particular, it can be all too easy to become disheartened, frustrated, and discouraged, not least of all because we seem to be limited in the extent to which we can take control of our lives.

3 Tips for Becoming More at Peace with Yourself

You will not always be able to do enormous and lofty things on a daily basis. But there will always be small things that are within your capability, that you can do each day, in order to make things in your life “better” in some way.

Even if that deed for the day is as small as making the bed in the morning when you really don’t want to – these actions can have a serious impact on your sense of well-being over time. Not to mention your actual circumstances, too.


The key is to aim as small as you need to, each day. But never give up, and always look for something that can be done.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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3 Tips for Becoming More at Peace with Yourself

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