5 Ways to Choose the Bathroom Basins for Your Ensuite

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When you are renovating your bathroom or designing a new en-suite, the most important element which you can’t miss out on is the bathroom sinks. Not only the washbasins are essential for uplifting the beauty of the area, but also the sinks make the bathrooms more versatile in terms of functionality. Owing to this reason, many people have started installing a separate basin inside the bathroom rather than outside which was a very common practice till a few years back.

With the improvements in the creative minds, the structures of the bathroom basins have also improved. Now, you can find both pedestal and countertop sinks. You can also hide the pipe and the drainage system behind the wall rather than keeping them out in the open for the prying eyes. So, with such variant options, it is very difficult to decide which arrangement will look good in your bathroom. 

As interior decoration is not everyone is forte, we have described here some of the ideas which will help you to choose the basins for your bathroom, be it a normal one or an en-suite. 

1. Deciding On The Place For The Sink Installation 

Your first job will be to decide the place where you would like to install the basin inside the bathroom. Some people like to have the sink right by the window side for a more natural setting, while others prefer to have the sink by the side of a cabinet. So, the place choice of the sink is completely on you, and hence, you cannot afford to make a mistake. Scour through your bathroom area properly, weigh the pros and cons of each possible placement idea, and then only choose a particular point. 

2. Choosing The Particular Size Of The Basin

At the time of choosing the bathroom basins for your bathroom, many people forget the most essential factor and that is the size of the sink. Washbasins are important accessories that enhance the look and functionality of the washrooms. But if the size of this accessory is imperfect, either it will look negligible amidst your bathroom set up or it will take up too much space, destroying the entire beauty. So, once you have chosen the right place to install the sink, measure the area, and then try to shortlist the sinks which are a bit smaller than your estimated dimensions. This will leave enough room to cover up any mistake. 

3. Selecting The Type Of Bathroom Basin

In earlier days, people used to install only pedestal style washbasins in their bathrooms. But in this present era, the development in the interior designing industry has paved a way for people to make a difference in their bathrooms by installing a unique basin structure. Gone are the days when the shops used to sell only the pedestal looking, gigantic basins. Today, the following are a few types of bathroom basins that you can install in your home:

  • Full pedestal basins
  • Partial pedestal basins
  • Countertop sinks
  • Corner sinks
  • Wall basins
  • Inset washbasins
  • Washstand bathroom sinks

4. Deciding The Material Of The Sink

Next, you must think about the raw materials with which the bathroom basins are made. Some people love to buy the sink for its aesthetic beauty, and that is why they choose costlier and handy materials like glass or ceramic. For others, sinks are an element of several uses and hence they buy stainless steel basins or plastic ones for durability. So, the choice of the material of the basin will depend on you completely and you will have to choose it as per your need. 

5. Price Matters The Most 

Lastly, you must consider the price of buying the bathroom basins. Usually, the cost of the element depends on the following factors:

  • Size of the basin
  • Color of the basin
  • The material you have chosen
  • The accessories you need


We have discussed here the five major governing factors for choosing bathroom basins for your home. Make sure you are not missing a single point and making a great mistake, which will only lead to the destruction of the bathroom’s beauty and functionality.

What are your thoughts?  Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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