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Get Sponsored by Big BrandsI remember, when I was a little girl, nearly seven years old, my teacher told me
something that made me happy and scared me at the same time. I was in the second grade.  During the last hour of class on Fridays, it was our creative time. I would usually tell stories to a small group of girls while we enjoyed afternoon tea.

However, on this particular Friday, I was excited about a story my sister Martha made up the night before called Teg Tuo, and it was so good. I knew one day she would write and self-publish her own book.  Because I was the youngest of five girls I didn’t get a chance to tell my story before it was bedtime. For the entire day, I couldn’t wait for “creative time.” I remember walking into the class and saying to my teacher Mrs. Matthews, “Can I write a story during creative time.?” She smiled and said, “Of course, can I read it when you are done.?” I smile and said with such enthusiasm “Yes!”

I watched the clock for the entire day. I wanted the little hand to point to one and the big hand point to six. I remember finishing up my spelling words and the little hand was on the one but the big hand was on five. I walked the paper to Mrs. Mathews and I stood in front of her desk watching the clock. She smiles and asked, “Do you want to start your story”. I said “yes”. She then gave me two sheet set of paper.

I sat at my desk and began to write. I walked to her desk not even a minute later and ask her “How do you spell magnificent?” We spelled it together. I must have gone to her desk 10 times before she asked me to sit with her. For the remaining of the school day, I dictated the story as she recorded it with a huge smile. When I was finished she said, “you truly have a gift, my dear.”

I couldn’t wait to share my story with my mom. I remember running into the house none stop to my mom. I handed her my story. She kissed me and said “what do we have here?’ “My story.  I wrote a story and Mrs. Matthews said it was great!” I screamed. My mom picked me up and carried me to the foyer and took off my coat and shoes and placed them neatly in their area. She then carried me to the kitchen table placed me in a chair sat next to me and read my story. Then she kissed me once again and said: “you are a brilliant writer”. The next day she brought me my first journal.

“God bless that potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it.”– Shirley MacLaine,

Fast forward a couple of decades or three, and I find myself a blogger. As I hear the chimes coming through my computers notifying me that I had a new follower, like, and/or someone commented on my post. I was surprised that one of my newly beloved blogger, Lambam,  had nominated me for the SunShine Blogger award. I humbly smiled and shared the news with my hubby. Then I told him about her blog.

As we read through the award, I was honored that she thought of me as worthy of an award. It is such an honor to be recognized amongst my peers. Although I have only been blogging for five months I feel so much love and support from my peers. They express their heartfelt sentiment about my most intimate post. They express these sentiments as they read through my blog filled with personal stories of love, pain, survival and many things I love. This is my fourth blogging award and I’m grateful that such an awesome blogger decide to nominate me. Check out her blog, I know you would love it just as much as I do.

“No matter how far out your dreams are, it’s possible. Fair play to those who dare to dream and don’t give up. This song was written from a perspective of hope, and hope at the end of the day connects us all, no matter how different we are.”  — Marketa Irglova,


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for your blog post and links back to her blog.
2. Answer 11 questions that the Blogger asked you.
3. Nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the awards and write them 11 questions.
4. List the rules and display the Sunshine blogger award logo in your post on your blog.

My Answers To The Eleven Questions

1. Are you an apple or an Android person? Apple
2. Is this your first blogging award? No, My Fourth
3. What is your favorite post and why? I Love You, Guest Post from my hubby
4. How do you stay positive? I wake up daily feeling blessed for another day the Lord has made.
5. What does the word “Purpose” mean to you? Driving desire, reason, and completeness.
6. Where do you see yourself in five years? Blogging about my middle daughter going to college.
7. How did you come with the name of your blog? LavandaMichelle is my first and middle name, lol.  Also, it is my personal journal through life as mom and wife.
8. How has blogging changed your life? Blogging has opened up a world outside my journal where it is now interactive instead of a solitary letter to the universe.  I have met some amazing people and developed friendship and mentorships I never thought possible.
9. What is your dream brand to collaborate with?  Tesla
10. What is your favorite place to do “Me time”? My bedroom
11. What do you want your readers to take away from your blog? I write with honesty and I hope they enjoy my journey through life as mom and wife.

My Eleven Nominee

  1. Martha at Martha Boddie
  2. Asia at Unmingled
  3. Circling the Triangle at Circling the Triangle
  4. Rawish Vegan at Rawish Vegan
  5. Blessed Wife & Mom at Blessed Wife & Mom
  6. My Vegan Wifestyle at  My Vegan Wifestyle
  7. The Real Women at Real Women Talk 2
  8. Vegan Wife & Mom at Vegan Wife & Mom
  9. Alissa at Story Behind The Cloth
  10. Sharonoox at  Hey Sharonoox
  11. Sarah at Life In A Break Down

My Eleven Nominee Questions

  1. If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  2. What is your favorite food to eat?
  3. What advice would you give your younger self if you could go back in time ten years?
  4. What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?
  5. Night owl or early bird?
  6. What superpower would you like to have?
  7. Your favorite way to relax?
  8. eBook or the printed book or audiobook or no books at all?
  9. What four words would you use to describe yourself?
  10. Who is the most influential person in your life?
  11. Do you make resolutions? If yes, what is your top resolution for 2018?

Once, again thank you Lambam, for thinking of me.  Have you ever won an award? What is a random fact about you? Please share in the comments below. I really would love to know.

Until next time, shine amongst the stars!

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  1. It’s so fun to do these blogger awards; done this one, too a while ago! I like your questions!

    1. ❤ Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate your support, comfort, and love. I read every single comment and it helps to shape into the best blog possible.❤ Lavanda Michelle North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger

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