Fixing Your Post-Pandemic Strength With 2 Simple Practices

The pandemic has given many people an opportunity to work out at home and fix their health. In one respect, this has been fantastic because people have been able to go to the gyms and have therefore had to figure out a way around the situation to keep fit and healthy. But some people have struggled as a result of this. Many people like the camaraderie of going to the gym, but they also like being able to go out and about and buy new foods to try as part of a new diet. If you are someone that has struggled during this pandemic, now is the opportunity to try and fix your health or, at the very least, make some preparations. So, as soon as life returns to normal, you can hit the ground running. What are some things to try?

Improving Your Workout “Skills”

If all the gyms near you are shut right now, it doesn’t mean that you can get unfit. But there is a benefit to going to a gym because you get to see what other people are doing but there’s also the personal training component. Having a personal trainer gives you the extra push. This is something you might not necessarily be doing at home. It’s worth operating on the 40% rule that no matter how far you’ve gone, you’ve only done 40% of your max effort. But when you are at home, you can still track your progress by going for a run to see how far you can go. There are also other ways you can test the skills. But when you hit a certain plateau or you are “strong enough,” you will need the benefit of a professional to go further. This is especially the case if you have a particular challenge in mind. If you want to compete in an Iron Man or Tough Mudder, you will need to focus on expanding your exercise skill set. And this is where a professional environment can help.

Focus on Restorative Practices

It is always helpful to focus on restorative practices. When we work out, we can feel that we need to go 110% all the time. But this is beneficial in the long run. We have to remember that when it comes to working out, we’ve got to find the balance in terms of our lives. Because if we’re not a professional athlete, do we need to necessarily exercise ourselves to the bone? It can help to incorporate restorative practices as well. Because the goal of working out is, ultimately, to give you more energy rather than making you feel absolutely exhausted all the time. This is something that many people think is the best way to work out. Start to incorporate restorative practices but also use the time at home to figure out what your upper limits are in terms of intense exercise. This will help you to get better rest, and help you understand when you are doing too much.

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