Self-Love Saturday Selfie #SSS

Saturday’s were always a day for me to reflect on the past week and plan for the upcoming one. Saturdays are still the same, only these Saturdays lately, I make it a point to give myself some self-love. I got a mani-pedi one time. Another time I just took the time to relax in a bubble bath. I finished my work early one day and no one was home yet, so I treated myself to my favorite restaurant. It became important for me to give myself some special me-time.
In college, it was so easy for me to find time to do things I loved. For my junior and senior years, I didn’t have class on Mondays and my besties all went to different colleges. We agreed that we would always treat ourselves in our downtime. We called it self-care. Then we would do a 3-way (more like 6-way) phone call to share our stories with one another.
Once I had children I limited it to once a month because I felt like I was being a little selfish. Only this past year did I decide to start up my self-love again and that it was okay to be selfish…boy was I RIGHT?! Once I started taking the time out for me, I was able to get more done. This allowed me to be a better mom and a wife. I feel more relaxed and renewed even right now. Those few hours taken for me makes a world of a difference. My performance even got better at work.
Therefore, I wanted to take this moment and make it a movement for all of us. I want you to take time out of the week FOR YOU. Even if you can’t take it on Saturday, simply add the hashtag SSS (#SSS ~ Self-love Saturday Selfie). Do you think you can squeeze at least a few hours out of your week just for you? If so remember to drop a selfie with the hashtag SSS (#SSS).
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