Self-Love Saturday Selfie #SSS

Saturday’s were always a day for me to reflect on the past week and plan for the upcoming one. Saturdays are still the same, only these Saturdays lately, I make it a point to give myself some self-love. I got a mani-pedi one time. Another time I just took the time to relax in a bubble bath. I finished my work early one day and no one was home yet, so I treated myself to my favorite restaurant. It became important for me to give myself some special me-time.
In college, it was so easy for me to find time to do things I loved. For my junior and senior years, I didn’t have class on Mondays and my besties all went to different colleges. We agreed that we would always treat ourselves in our downtime. We called it self-care. Then we would do a 3-way (more like 6-way) phone call to share our stories with one another.
Once I had children I limited it to once a month because I felt like I was being a little selfish. Only this past year did I decide to start up my self-love again and that it was okay to be selfish…boy was I RIGHT?! Once I started taking the time out for me, I was able to get more done. This allowed me to be a better mom and a wife. I feel more relaxed and renewed even right now. Those few hours taken for me makes a world of a difference. My performance even got better at work.
Therefore, I wanted to take this moment and make it a movement for all of us. I want you to take time out of the week FOR YOU. Even if you can’t take it on Saturday, simply add the hashtag SSS (#SSS ~ Self-love Saturday Selfie). Do you think you can squeeze at least a few hours out of your week just for you? If so remember to drop a selfie with the hashtag SSS (#SSS).
Until Next Time, Shine Amongst the Stars!
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123 thoughts on “Self-Love Saturday Selfie #SSS

  1. I definitely need some #SSS. It has been a difficult few weeks for me as most of the people in my household got sick and I was the only one standing. Now I am almost going down too. If I can get a couple of hours to clear my mind, it would definitely help a great deal.

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  2. It is so important to take time to really appreciate ourselves. It doesnt even have to be big ways, but a simple bath time, or a mani pedi cause give us the relax time. And we should never feel guilty for doing so.

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  3. You really are such a better mom and wife when you are feeling more relaxed. Right? Its incredible how much you are able to renew yourself and find such tranquility in your world and in your days just by taking care of yourself. And how even in a single moment you are able to find focus and calm – just from a Saturday. So simple, yet so powerful. What an amazing way to think about each part of your days to focus on taking care of yourself on Saturdays… and how that can really make a difference in how you interact and respond with others. And the time you spend to do those extra relaxing things for yourself on a Saturday will make a world of difference to others. You will showcase your best self. And thats what makes it all worthwhile. Never feel guilty about that when you are taking care of you. Also – love how that even makes you better at your job! Win-Win! It just shows, again, how important it is for us to really take care of ourselves. I will definitely take time for myself…thank you for this great reminder. Cute hashtag, too! Love the vibe.

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    1. Very well said ! Thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it when my readers share their thoughts. Every single reader comment helps to shape into the best blog possible.


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