3 Simple Ways To Make Your Child Love Food

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A poor feeder baby is the worst scenario you can encounter in your parenting journey. Besides halting their growth, low appetite increases your child’s vulnerability to diseases and complications later in life. 

Unlike what many people think, poor appetite in young children is not inborn; instead, it has more to do with the surrounding environment. Therefore watch out for any sudden lack of interest in food in your child as it could be a manifestation of a struggle they are undergoing. 

Issues such as worrying about weight gain, illness, and change of environment affect your child’s appetite. Therefore if your child was once a heavy eater, endeavor to uncover what’s ailing their appetite. Moreover, incorporate these three measures to reignite their love for food. 

Avoid Harassing Your Child

Maintaining calm when feeding your child or supervising them eat is more beneficial than being harsh with them. For your child to love food, you must create a peaceful mealtime atmosphere. This may seem impossible to many parents as they often have to shout for their children to eat.

But simple actions such as allowing your child to serve themselves their preferred food choices and amount will go a long way in minimizing your mealtime headache. Even as you do this, ensure to set mealtime rules such as not using the phone or switching off the TV. 

This helps maintain order, enabling your child to concentrate on their food. 

Be Creative With Your Food

Even though the general rule is to serve a healthy diet to your family, you must incorporate creativity in doing this for them to love the food. Children are naturally known to get bored quickly, and chances are, serving them one meal every day of the week won’t sit well with them. 

You, therefore, need to find ways of making the foods appealing to them. You can do this by incorporating veggies into the food, dressing to make it attractive, or using small amounts of spices to add flavor. 

These actions make the food appealing to the eye, increasing your child’s appetite. Moreover, it helps break the food monotony, giving an illusion of a different food type every time, making your child ever eager to eat. For best results, try to use your baby’s favorite spices and veggies. 

Moreover, surprise your family once in a while with their favorite meal. For instance, a breaded chicken in air fryer will go a long way in helping your child love food. Besides being tasty, it contains fewer oils that are a vast appetite killer. 

Pay Special Attention to Your Child’s Breakfast Intake

It’s common to see children in some households going without breakfast. If your home falls in this category, be assured that you will be battling low appetite in your children for a long time. A healthy breakfast is known to boost metabolism, leading to increased appetite due to the burning of more calories. 

In addition to providing this meal to your child, ensure it’s of the right quality. Like any other meal, the breakfast must be a healthy one containing all the essential nutrients. 

Take Away

It’s normal for your child’s appetite to go down, especially when they are sick or stressed. Nonetheless, it will be best if you don’t allow them to stay without food for long as this will negatively affect their growth and day-to-day activities. 

Use the above three strategies to boost your child’s appetite for improved general health.

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  1. These are all wonderful tips for introducing veggies to your children and I do agree with not harassing them. I was lucky and my kids liked veggies… and I started them on all kind of veggies as soon as I could.

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